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  1. Copper Mesh Rolls -100 ft and 400 ft

    Starting at: $48.90

    Stuf-Fit Copper Mesh Wool

    Stuf Fit Copper Mesh Wool is handy mesh wool in rolls, used for rodent and bird exclusion. As the name suggests, you simply stuff it into openings where rodents or birds may enter. The copper weave is difficult for rodents to chew through; rodents may chew through steel wool. In addition steel wool will rust and stain brick, siding and stucco.

    Used For Rodent Exclusion

    When excluding rodents, look for openings smaller than 2 " in order to seal them with Stuf- Fit. It is recommended if the the opening is larger than 2 ", repair with standard building materials.

    • To be used for rodent and bird exclusion.
    • STUF-FIT is a copper mesh (no rust) cloth that is stuffed into openings, packed tightly into cracks or holes for exclusion of pest such as rodents and birds.
    • STUF-FIT Copper mesh works better than steel wool because of the way that it is woven, making it difficult for rodents to chew through.
    • A small amount of STUF-FIT Copper mesh placed in weepholes, vents, A/C pipe entrances, etc. that are smaller than 2" will help to keep rodents and birds out.
    • If the opening is larger than 2 inches, it is recommended to be repaired properly with building materials.
    • Stuf-Fit can be tacked, stapled or glued into any openings where it is needed. Each roll is 6 inches wide, double folded and 100 or 400 ft long.
    • Pure copper so it won't rust or stain brick, siding, or stucco
    • Made from 100% Electrilytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper. Contains no recycled copper so it is the purest strongest copper in the world.
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  2. Birchmeier Super Star 1.25

    The Birchmeier Super Star 1.25 is a hand-held compression spray that can spray in any (360°) position. This sprayer holds 1.25 liters (.33 gal) that has an adjustable brass nozzle with a swiveling head for better coverage. Use the Super Star 1.25 has a large fill opening and a safety valve and pressure release. This hand-held sprayer is very handy for both inside or outside uses.

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  3. Airofog ULV 120 Flex Cold Fogger

    Airofog ULV 120 Flex Cold Fogger is a ULV (ultra low-volume applicator) built with a heavy-duty 700-watt induction motor and fan. It can generate up to 38,000 RPM and an airspeed of 426.5 feet per second. with the ULV reaching more than 40 feet.

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  4. Pageris Foam Gun - Long Nozzle

    With a 26" nozzle, this foam gun will help you access locations that are hard to reach. With this long nozzle, the overall length is 32 inches.

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  5. B&G Conversion Kit -11007361

    B&G Conversion Kit (Converts B&G Sprayer To Foamer) Learn More
  6. Mabi 1/2" Gray Injectors (100 ctn)

    These are innovative and patented injectors for concrete and wall termite treatments. They allow high pressure injections without back flow and splashing of termite chemicals.

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  7. Airofog Airo Pro 1 Gallon Sprayer

    Starting at: $261.50

    Airofog Airo-Pro 1 Gallon Sprayer CC, made of stainless steel and brass, certainly puts the B&G professional stainless steel sprayers a run for their money. This 1-gallon sprayer includes a 9 inch or 18-inch wand, a crack and crevice tip with straw. The pump produces 60 psi. Airofog 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayers come with one pump cylinder repair kit and one valve assembly repair kit.

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  8. IPF Foam Professional Gun Foam (Discontinued)

    Out of stock

    IPF Faom Professional Gun Foam is a polyurethane foam sealant for blocking and sealing used in the pest control industry. It is formulated with special scents to deter rodents, birds, insects and small animals.

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  9. Clear Puffer Duster - 5 "

    This handheld bellow duster by Executive Pest Control Products features a clear body to see the dust. Use this duster with its 5" extension for crack and crevice treatments or void and recessed areas. The body of this duster is a clear synthetic rubber that is very durable. It has a removable plastic tip cover and cap with a built-in clean out rod to reduce dust leakage.,

    The Clear Puffer Duster also features an ergonomic, low-tension spring to compress and release the dust.

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  10. Airofog Bait Gun

    Airofog Bait Gun Gel Applicator is a professional-grade and highly efficient tool to apply gel baits for roach and ant control. This stainless steel bait gun has a 5-position dosing wheel that is fitting inside the grip. It also has a selection of different tips for exact and precise placements of your chosen bait gel in hard to reach areas.

    This bait gun works differently than other gel bait guns. The Airofog Bait Gun works by negative pressure; the insect bait gel gets sucked out through the gun rather than pushed by a plunger action. This action makes sure that you empty the bait tubes; no wasted material.

    The Airofog Bait Gun works with the 30-35g industry standard gel tubes.

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