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  1. Airofog Puffer-Pro-602-000-310

    The Airofog Puffer-Pro is an innovative patented solution to make insecticide dust application more accurate, precise and easier. It has transparent screw-on removable vial to monitor product levels and dust usage. After putting the dust in the vial, the black bulb is squeezed, allowing the exact amount of dust needed. It puts out a precise amount of dust into the void area.

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  2. Birchmeier REB 15 AC1 Backpack Sprayer (CAS battery pack)

    Birchmeier REB 15 AC1 Backpack Sprayer (CAS battery pack)-Birchmeier's new pressure controlled four gallon backpack sprayer has a 18 V Li-Power that includes a battery pack and charger. It charges in less than 80 minutes. This backpack sprayer is electronically controlled with an operating pressure adjustable bar (0.5 to 6 bar). It has a consistent spray pattern with adjustable droplet sizes. Learn More
  3. Tomahawk 3.7 Turbo Boosted Gallon Backpack Mist Blower

    Tomahawk's 3.7 Turbo Mist Blower is perfect for all seasons. In the spring and summer months, it quickly tackle lawns for mosquito, flea, and tick control. During the autumn and winter months, use this mist blower to blow leaves. It is also handy for misting disinfectants and sanitizers.

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  4. Super Plug  1/2 Inch

    Starting at: $12.50

    Super Plugs 1/2 Inch are useful to plug and fill holes made in concrete after a termite treatment. They also have many other uses, such as plugging holes that carpenter bees leave. You can also plug up holes such as brick, ceramic brick, stucco, and dry walls.

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  5. Pur Fill Gun Cleaner (500ml)

    Pur Clean is a convenient solvent used to clean uncured foam from your gun. It can be used as a spray or a can attached directly to your gun. Learn More
  6. Atrix Bug-Sucker HEPA Backpack Vacuum

    Atrix Bug-Sucker HEPA Backpack Vacuum

    This commercial HEPA vacuum quickly converts from vacuum to blower. It has a 8 quart dry particulate filter. It is perfect for scenarios with a lot of cleaning as it efficiently removes bed bugs, spiders, spider webs, cockroaches, bees and ants. It can even remove bed bug eggs to prevent them from hatching out..

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  7. VersaTool 484 Slab Injector Kit, MPN 11007375

    VersaTool 484 Slab Injector from B&G.  This is the "old school" termite tool you have probably used before. The 7/16" by 40'" stainless steel pipe threads directly into the VersaTool Valve without the use of the B&G Quick Change adapter. This pipe is equipped with tip shut off to reduce dripping. If you have ever used a VersTool Valve you know that they are extremely reliable and virtually indestructible. 

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  8. Rodo Fiber

    Starting at: $21.50

    The RodoFibers by RodoTrak are treated materials with a non-toxic fluorescent powder that can be used in any tamper resistant station to enhance your own rodent elimination program. RodoFiber is highly effective for monitoring rodent activity in every setting
    As the rodent enters the station, the non-toxic fluorescent powder coats the rodent's fur when it enters.This product is particulary helpful for tracking mice.
    Contains: Approximately 50 balls per bag (Stations not included) Learn More
  9. ULV Portable Aerosol Unit/ Versafoamer Combo Unit

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    The ULV Portable Aerosol Unit/ VersaFoamer Combo Unit combines a Portable Aerosol System (PAS) with a Versafoamer 4000 to create a totally flexible pest control system. Use just one case and compressor and easily change out the tank and valve for each different application. This is the Commercial version of this combo which comes equipped with a cooling fan to reduce the heat in the case from the compressor. Keeping the unit's temperature down will extend the life of the compressor, saving money and reducing costly down time. B&G # 16500018 Learn More
  10. Chapin 8201A 80-Pound Residential Salt Spreader

    The Chapin 8201A 80-Pound Residential Salt Spreader has 80-lb capacity hopper, rugged coated steel frame, and 2-inch pneumatic tires for stability over uneven terrain. it is perfect for rock salt and ice melt products.

    It has an innovative gate design with and adjustable dial for precision in gate control.

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