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  1. Detex Blox with Lumitrack

    Detex Blox is used as a monitoring rodent bait. Made of 16 human food-grade ingredients, it has a high bait acceptance and weatherability.

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  2. Fogmaster Tri-Jet ULV 6208

    Starting at: $334.00

    The Fogmaster Tri-Jet ULV 6208 is a durable general-purpose fogger that has served the test of time in its applications in hotels, restaurants, food plants, schools, long-term facilities, barns and other types of buildings.

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  3. Clear Puffer Duster - 5 "

    This handheld bellow duster by Executive Pest Control Products features a clear body to see the dust. Use this duster with its 5" extension for crack and crevice treatments or void and recessed areas. The body of this duster is a clear synthetic rubber that is very durable. It has a removable plastic tip cover and cap with a built-in clean out rod to reduce dust leakage.,

    The Clear Puffer Duster also features an ergonomic, low-tension spring to compress and release the dust.

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  4. Detex Soft Bait

    Detex Soft Bait is a non-toxic monitoring soft bait with Lumitrack. This soft bait is highly palatable with a large rodent bait acceptance. This soft bait was developed for long term baiting programs and is especially useful in locations where rodents are accustomed to fatty foods. Learn More
  5. Fogmaster Micro-Jet ULV 7401

    Starting at: $359.00

    The Fogmaster Micro-Jet ULV 7401 permits an ultra-low volume application with a particle size (under 7 micron VMD). The ultra-low volume application allows the use of more concentrated fogging solutions and speeds up treatment time. Using a standard 1 oz/MCft ULV rate, the Micro-Jet covers 2 -4,000 cubic feet per minute.

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  6. J.T.Eaton Insecticidal Duster #530 Bellow  Duster

    • Bellow Bulb Hand Duster is a perfect duster for small dusting applications. This bellow duster has a spring that is compressed in order to release the dust.
    • This duster will hold between 4 oz to 8 oz of dry dust. It would depend on the dry weight of the dust.
    • Has a rod for easy cleaning.
    • Can be held upright, or inverted for better dust dispersion.
    • Fill the bellow duster half way with a dust such as CimeXa Dust, D Fense Dust, Delta Dust , Drione Dust or other dusts.
    • When you squeeze the duster, the dust will come out of the end tip.This will allow you to inject dust into places like wall voids, light switch plates, and crack and crevices or any other places insects like to hide.
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  7. Airofog ULV 120 Flex Cold Fogger

    Airofog ULV 120 Flex Cold Fogger is a ULV (ultra low-volume applicator) built with a heavy-duty 700-watt induction motor and fan. It can generate up to 38,000 RPM and an airspeed of 426.5 feet per second. with the ULV reaching more than 40 feet.

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  8. Dustin Mizer - With Deflector #1212

    Starting at: $44.50

    This garden duster is easy to use with insecticide or garden dusts. The Dustin Mizer Duster will dust uniformly throughout an attic or crawl space, propelling dust 20-30 feet. Dustin Mizer may be used to dust plants and shrubs too.

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  9. Bulb Duster 4oz.

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    Bulb duster will hold up to 4 oz. of dry product. It's economical and useful to apply pesticide dusts. Learn More
  10. B&G Dust-R Bulb Duster #1150

    B&G Bulb Dust-R M1150 by B&G equipment is a heavy duty bulb duster that hold 1 cup of dust or granules. This duster by B&G Equipment is very versatile with it's plastic extension tubes and belt-clip.
    The B&G Bulb Dust-R M1150 comes with plastic extension tubes that provide safe crack-and-crevice application around electrical outlets, and one extension can be used as a siphon tube in the bulb when applying granules. The bulb is made of natural rubber for maximum flexibility and long life along with featuring a "No Gasket" seal.

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