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  1. B&G Versa Backpack Fogger,45000000

    B&G Versa-Fogger is the first true ULV gasoline powered backpack fogger. It is jointly developed by B&G Equipment and Curtis Dynafog combining a mistblower and a ULV spray fogger. It has a reliable Honda 4 stroke motor, with no need to mix oil with gas. It has an all metal frame made of stainless steel and aluminum. It has an one gallon solution tank. This heavy duty versatile fogger may be used in a variety of applications from mosquito control outside to insect control in a warehouse.

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  2. Puffy D Bulb Duster (shown with extenstion rod)

    The Puffy D Bulb Duster has a thick, pliable rubber body with a metal top and brass tip, it is manufactured for years of repeated use.

    It holds up to 14 oz of dust or fine granules. It includes a 12-inch brass extension and curved tip and a convenient plastic tunnel for filling it with a dust. Remove the extension if not needed.

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  3. Atrix Omega Green Supreme IPM Hepa Professional Vacuum

    This HEPA Vacumn by Atrix is called the Omega Green IPM Hepa Vacuum. When fighting bed bugs, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is an effective means of killing bed bugs. Integrated Pest Management such as vacuums, monitoring tools, and other mechanical control tools is used with chemical means for an integrated approach in pest control. The Omega Green Supreme contains a self-contained HEPA filter and an extraordinarily powerful motor. With these two features, you can pull up bed bugs, roaches, and other pests powerfully and contain them in a sealed and trapped HEPA cartridge. The HEPA cartridge is a hard plastic filter, making it unique. This cartridge tightly contains the bed bugs and any hazardous particles that it pulls up with its powerful motor.

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  4. PUR Black Foam

    PUR Black Foam will expand and bond on surfaces to seal voids, cracks and crevices where rodents or insects may enter structures. It wil also seal and stop the passage of air, gases, water, dust fibers, sound and odors.

    Pur-Black Foam by Todol for the Pageris foam gun is a closed cell, moisture curing, polyurethane foam. A carbon has been added to the formulation to blacken the polyurethane resin. Learn More
  5. Pur Black NF Foam

    Starting at: $24.50

    Pur Black NF is Pur Black Gun Foam in a convenient can with a nozzle. Pur Black NF is a straw dispensed foam that expands, bonds and seals to stop the passage of air, gases, water, dust, fibers, sound, rodents, pests, radon and odors.

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  6. VersaTool Kit with Professional Pipe Set

    The VersaTool Kit with Professional Pipe Set is a professional termiticide delivery set. The VersaTool has been around for years and is so rugged and durable it is often referred to as “Old Reliable”. Whether you are injecting termite chemical into the soil, into a construction void, or under a slab, this kit will handle all of your needs. The Pro Pipe Set also comes with an in-line check valve to reduce dripping. Learn More
  7. Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Mouth Battery Sprayer Backpack, 20-volt

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    Chapin's new battery powered pack back sprayer is designed for the professional in mind. Black and Decker 20 V Lithium-Ion Battery (Charger included) powers this four gallon, wide mouth backpack sprayer. This powerful sprayer sprays up to 50 gallons in one charge and provides 1.75 hours of continuous spraying. Chapin's model, 63985 backpack sprayer, sprays up to 35 psi and up to 35-feet maximum horizontal spray. The Chapin 4 gallon battery backpack sprayer uses the same 63800 pro series tank assembly, filters and shutoff.

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  8. Golden Eagle Electric Start XL

    Curtis Dyna Fog's Golden Eagle , 2610 dispenses oil based insecticides, fungicides, germicides, disinfectants, odor control and other chemical products quickly, economically and more efficiently. This thermal aerosol generator is a portable powerhouse that excels in application issues where other machines may fall short, such as hard to reach areas indoors and outdoors. It can work small jobs as well as larger jobs in locations such as factories, warehouses, greenhouses, food processing plants, cattle barns, camp-grounds, swine/poultry houses, schools, grain mills, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes and many more locations.

    The Golden Eagle Electric Start has an unique electric starting system that provides greater fuel efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and ease of operation and eliminates the need for manual starting.

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  9. Gotcha Sprayer Pro Adaptor

    The Gotcha Sprayer Pro Adaptor is an adaptor to put on the end of an extension pole to spray an aerosol or dispense a dust for hard to reach areas. It is designed for daily use by a professional exterminator. Typical applications are for carpenter bee holes, wasp and hornet nests, dusting tall fruit trees and dusting gardens. With this adapter you can reach areas without ladders, reducing falling risks. It also has an adjustable angle so you can use it to apply dust without bending or climbing.

    A standard threaded extension pole found at home and garden centers will fit.

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  10. Chapin Lawn and Garden Pump Sprayer-One Gallon

    Chapin Lawn & Garden Sprayer #20000 : Polyethylene Unit - 1 Gallon / 3.8 Liter ,12 in. " straight poly extension for easier reach. 

    Due to inconsistent supply, you may receive an upgraded version of this sprayer Model 2014 instead of Model 2000.

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