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  1. Copper Mesh Rolls -100 ft and 400 ft

    Starting at: $48.90

    Stuf-Fit Copper Mesh Wool

    Stuf Fit Copper Mesh Wool is handy mesh wool in rolls, used for rodent and bird exclusion. As the name suggests, you simply stuff it into openings where rodents or birds may enter. The copper weave is difficult for rodents to chew through; rodents may chew through steel wool. In addition steel wool will rust and stain brick, siding and stucco.

    Used For Rodent Exclusion

    When excluding rodents, look for openings smaller than 2 " in order to seal them with Stuf- Fit. It is recommended if the the opening is larger than 2 ", repair with standard building materials.

    • To be used for rodent and bird exclusion.
    • STUF-FIT is a copper mesh (no rust) cloth that is stuffed into openings, packed tightly into cracks or holes for exclusion of pest such as rodents and birds.
    • STUF-FIT Copper mesh works better than steel wool because of the way that it is woven, making it difficult for rodents to chew through.
    • A small amount of STUF-FIT Copper mesh placed in weepholes, vents, A/C pipe entrances, etc. that are smaller than 2" will help to keep rodents and birds out.
    • If the opening is larger than 2 inches, it is recommended to be repaired properly with building materials.
    • Stuf-Fit can be tacked, stapled or glued into any openings where it is needed. Each roll is 6 inches wide, double folded and 100 or 400 ft long.
    • Pure copper so it won't rust or stain brick, siding, or stucco
    • Made from 100% Electrilytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper. Contains no recycled copper so it is the purest strongest copper in the world.
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  2. Full Face TPE Full Face Respirator with Organic Vapor-P95

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    This NIOSH approved full face respirator withe P95 filter and organic cartridge provides at least 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols, including oil aerosols

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  3. Birchmeier Granomax 5 Spreader

    Birchmeier Granomax 5 over the shoulder spreader spreads fertilizers, granules, grass seed, rock salt, etc. It quickly and evenly spreads these granulated items with its spread head's unique design. It is effective in both broadcast or spot applications and has a five-stage rate control.

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  4. Mabi 1/2" Gray Injectors (100 ctn)

    These are innovative and patented injectors for concrete and wall termite treatments. They allow high pressure injections without back flow and splashing of termite chemicals.

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  5. B&G (BG) 2 Quart Hand Duster 1152-A

    The B&G Dust-R #1152-A  hand duster is used for applying insecticide dust to cracks, crevices and other areas where targeted pests are located. B&G Dust-R duster works by pumping and can displace a lot of dust rapidly if needed. It is made for home or light commercial use. This shot gun medium duster holds 1.5 lbs of dust or granules and ideal for treating attics, crawl spaces or outdoor application. Includes a wide variety of tips and extensions and a large 3.5\" opening for easy filling. Learn More
  6. ULV Portable Aerosol Unit/ Versafoamer Combo Unit

    The ULV Portable Aerosol Unit/ VersaFoamer Combo Unit combines a Portable Aerosol System (PAS) with a Versafoamer 4000 to create a totally flexible pest control system. Use just one case and compressor and easily change out the tank and valve for each different application. This is the Commercial version of this combo which comes equipped with a cooling fan to reduce the heat in the case from the compressor. Keeping the unit's temperature down will extend the life of the compressor, saving money and reducing costly down time. B&G # 16500018 Learn More
  7. Rodo Fiber

    Starting at: $21.50

    The RodoFibers by RodoTrak are treated materials with a non-toxic fluorescent powder that can be used in any tamper resistant station to enhance your own rodent elimination program. RodoFiber is highly effective for monitoring rodent activity in every setting
    As the rodent enters the station, the non-toxic fluorescent powder coats the rodent's fur when it enters.This product is particulary helpful for tracking mice.
    Contains: Approximately 50 balls per bag (Stations not included) Learn More
  8. VersaTool 484 Slab Injector Kit, MPN 11007375

    VersaTool 484 Slab Injector from B&G.  This is the "old school" termite tool you have probably used before. The 7/16" by 40'" stainless steel pipe threads directly into the VersaTool Valve without the use of the B&G Quick Change adapter. This pipe is equipped with tip shut off to reduce dripping. If you have ever used a VersTool Valve you know that they are extremely reliable and virtually indestructible. 

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  9. Atrix Bug-Sucker HEPA Backpack Vacuum

    Atrix Bug-Sucker HEPA Backpack Vacuum

    This commercial HEPA vacuum quickly converts from vacuum to blower. It has a 8 quart dry particulate filter. It is perfect for scenarios with a lot of cleaning as it efficiently removes bed bugs, spiders, spider webs, cockroaches, bees and ants. It can even remove bed bug eggs to prevent them from hatching out..

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  10. Pur Fill Gun Cleaner (500ml)

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    Pur Clean is a convenient solvent used to clean uncured foam from your gun. It can be used as a spray or a can attached directly to your gun. Learn More

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