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  1. PestPro IV Battery Backpack

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    PestPro IV Battery Backpack is just like the PestPro Backpack 4 gallon, but has a convenient battery so you don't have to pump the sprayer. It has broad spray pattern with an even application. The Pestpro IV Battery Backpack Sprayer has a brass wand and brass shut off and a sturdy stainless steel frame. It has a heavy duty hose and check valve to eliminate any dripping.

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  2. Airofog Puffer-Pro-602-000-310

    The Airofog Puffer-Pro is an innovative patented solution to make insecticide dust application more accurate, precise and easier. It has transparent screw-on removable vial to monitor product levels and dust usage. After putting the dust in the vial, the black bulb is squeezed, allowing the exact amount of dust needed. It puts out a precise amount of dust into the void area.

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  3. Airofog Bait Gun

    Airofog Bait Gun Gel Applicator is a professional-grade and highly efficient tool to apply gel baits for roach and ant control. This stainless steel bait gun has a 5-position dosing wheel that is fitting inside the grip. It also has a selection of different tips for exact and precise placements of your chosen bait gel in hard to reach areas.

    This bait gun works differently than other gel bait guns. The Airofog Bait Gun works by negative pressure; the insect bait gel gets sucked out through the gun rather than pushed by a plunger action. This action makes sure that you empty the bait tubes; no wasted material.

    The Airofog Bait Gun works with the 30-35g industry standard gel tubes.

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  4. JT Eaton's Stick-Em The Bugo Bed Bug Detector Traps

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    The Stick-Em The Bugo Bed Bug Detector is an invisible bed bug detector/trap that acts as a bed bug barrier around your beds. It comes in two options, one for hardwood floors and one for carpets.

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  5. Clear Puffer Duster - 5 "

    This handheld bellow duster by Executive Pest Control Products features a clear body to see the dust. Use this duster with its 5" extension for crack and crevice treatments or void and recessed areas. The body of this duster is a clear synthetic rubber that is very durable. It has a removable plastic tip cover and cap with a built-in clean out rod to reduce dust leakage.,

    The Clear Puffer Duster also features an ergonomic, low-tension spring to compress and release the dust.

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  6. Detex Soft Bait

    Detex Soft Bait is a non-toxic monitoring soft bait with Lumitrack. This soft bait is highly palatable with a large rodent bait acceptance. This soft bait was developed for long term baiting programs and is especially useful in locations where rodents are accustomed to fatty foods. Learn More
  7. Detex Blox with Lumitrack

    Detex Blox is used as a monitoring rodent bait. Made of 16 human food-grade ingredients, it has a high bait acceptance and weatherability.

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  8. Climbup (Climb Up) Insect Interceptors-1 box of 4 traps

    ClimbUP Insect Interceptors are a unique and easy-to-use monitoring system to aid in the early detection of bed bug infestations.ClimbUP Insect Interceptors are specially designed plastic cups which are pesticide-free and are coated with a thin layer of talc which makes them too slick for the bugs to crawl out. Bed Bugs will travel in search of a blood meal and can be intercepted and trapped in the ClimbUP  Insect Interceptor as they attempt to gain access to the beds or other furniture that have the interceptor devices installed.

    Packaging: Box of four 6.125 in diameter x1 in interceptor trays

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  9. EnviroShield Coveralls With Attached Boots

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    EnviroShield Coveralls With Attached Boots are protective coveralls that are disposable and durable.These overalls are made of a material similar to tyvek. The small pores in the material prevent micro particles from passing through. It is a perfect safety tool for protection from liquid non-hazardous insecticides, aerosols, and insecticide dust. This particular coverall overall has attached boots and an extended torso for optimal movement. It has a heavy-duty zipper and elastic wrists for overall protection.

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  10. Puffy D Bulb Duster (shown with extenstion rod)

    The Puffy D Bulb Duster has a thick, pliable rubber body with a metal top and brass tip, it is manufactured for years of repeated use.

    It holds up to 14 oz of dust or fine granules. It includes a 12-inch brass extension and curved tip and a convenient plastic tunnel for filling it with a dust. Remove the extension if not needed.

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