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  1. B&G 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer-18-inch wand  N224-S

    B&G 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer-18-inch wand  N224-S (without C&C) 
    B & G (BG) 2 Gal. Stainless Steel Sprayer w/ 18 inch Extenda-Ban w/o crack and crevice (Model #N224-S ) .B&G has manufactured the finest sprayer on the market, the only sprayer used by professionals, for many years.  This sprayer can easily be used by both pest control service technicians and individuals responsible for pest control in and around homes, businesses, restaurants, restaurants - wherever pests need to be sprayed.
    Made in USA
    Model #N224-S Learn More
  2. VersaTool Termite Treatment Valve

    The VersaTool has been around for years and is so rugged and durable it is often referred to as "Old Reliable".

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  3. Chapin Xtreme 3.5 Concrete Sprayer

    Chapin Xtreme 3.5 Gallon Industrial Concrete Open Head Sprayer #19049  The Chapin Xtreme 3.5 Industrial Concrete Sprayer #19049 is resistant to the most extreme chemicals and high concentrations of Acetone, Naphtha, Xylene and Toluene. sprays up to 30-35% solids .8.1 x 8.8 x 26.9 inches Learn More
  4. Gilmour Hose End Sprayers

    Starting at: $13.95

    Out of stock

    This Gilmour Hose End Sprayer (6 gallon) is made to attach to a garden hose for ease of spraying by siphoning out the liquid chemical and mixes it with the water.

    This Hose End Sprayer is a fixed rate sprayer; it will empty out after 6 gallons of water have sprayed.

    If you are looking for an adjustable hose end sprayer, use Bonide's Auto Mix Hose End Sprayer.

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  5. ROBCO QCG Gun

    ROBCO QCG Gun is the most versatile termite valve on the market. Accepts any pipes or rods equipped with B&G Quick Connect Adapters.

    • Durable brass and steel construction
    • Pressure gauge port at valve
    • Easily converts to a perimeter spray/pre-treat gun
    • Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue
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  6. B&G PestPro IV BackPack Sprayer -4 Gal (Fan Tip)

    Out of stock

    The B&G PestPro IV BackPack Sprayer -4 Gal (fan) replaces the B&G Pest Pro 2000 backpack sprayer. It has improved this backpack sprayer with an exclusive drip free design. This solves the problem of a backpack sprayer dripping from use and wear. It also provides an easy efficient pump that requires less pumps to get the spraying pressure desired. It is made of heavy duty materials with a stainless steel frame and handle. The Pestpro IV Backpack Sprayer has a brass wand and brass shut off. It has a heavy duty hose and check valve to eliminate any dripping.

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  7. Pur-Fill 1G Foam - 750 ml can

    Starting at: $27.45

    PUR-Fill 1G Foam is a closed cell foam, beige in color. It is dispensed with either the the Pageris foam gun or similar. Each 750ml can holds 12 gallons of foam and can provide up to 1200 linear feet of a 1/2" bead. Learn More
  8. Chapin Premier XP Sprayers - 1 gallon and 2 gallon

    Starting at: $58.99

    Chapin Premier XP Sprayers

    The Chapin Premier XP Sprayers (# 21210XP- 1 Gallon) and (#21220XP -2 Gallon) have replaced the Chapin Premier Sprayers (# 21210 -1 Gallon) and (#21220 -2 Gallon).

    Chapin Premier Sprayers have long been one of the top line of sprayers for the homeowner with several features like an anti-clog filter, 4" wide mouth opening, built-in pressure relief/release valve, brass adjustable cone nozzle, viton seals and more.

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  9. B&G Professional Pipes (Rods)

    Starting at: $77.52

    Out of stock

    B&G Professional Termite Pipes

    B&G Professional Pipes are the highest quality stainless steel pipes for application of termite chemicals in the soil. These pipes come with a B&G Quick Change Adapter.

    Designed to fit:

    • ROBCO QCG Gun
    • VersaGun
    • VersaTool
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  10. Model 1200 Dyna Curtis Fogger

    Out of stock

    Model 1200 Dyna Curtis Fogger is a truck mounted fogger that covers 12 acres in one minute. It has a huge capacity of 120 gallons per hour covering a huge area with dense fog destroying insects and pests quickly. Standard equipment with this fogger includes an hour meter, a temperature gauge, a heavy duty 12 volt DB battery, two 120 volt AC receptacles, and controllable output.

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