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Mold Control & Mold Removal

Kill Mold and get Mold Control with Mold, Mildew and Fungus removal products such as Boracare with Mold Care, Mold-Clean, and Nibor-D
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  1. Safety Goggles with Indirect Vents
  2. Nitrile Gloves

    Starting at: $3.95

    p>Chemical resistant Unlined Nitrile Gloves These 13 inch unlined gloves provide protection against a broad range of pesticides, solvents, and other hazardous materials Made from a special nitrile (NBR) compound these gloves are perfect for pesticide mixing and application. Available in sizes 7, 8, 9 , 10. which are equivalent to small, medium, large, and extra large. Each hand is embossed with glove size for ease of pairing after laundering.

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  3. Gerson Disposable Dual Cartridge Respirator OV/P95

    Starting at: $22.50

    Gerson Disposable Dual Cartridge Respirator is part of the Signature One-Step Maintenance Free Respirators. It is NIOSH approved for organic vapors and 95% or air particulates. This easy to use respirator is completely assembled and comes in a resealable bag. The facepiece is a soft and lightweight elastomeric face piece with a bonus "Hygiene Guard" for clean storage. The face piece is a cradle suspension with easy to adjust head straps.

    Make sure that you have a tight but comfortable seal by tightening the straps. Sideburns or a beard may prevent a good face seal.

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  4. Nibor-D Insecticide

    Starting at: $15.00

    Nibor-D is a broad spectrum water soluble borate insecticide that prevents and kills crickets, carpenter ants, cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs, boxelder bugs, cluster flies, millipedes, centipedes, ants, poultry pests(darkling beetles, hide beetles), millipedes, and more.. As a fungicide, it controls fungi and mildew, with additional mechanical alterations.

    Nibor-D is an inexpensive, versatile, and green pest management borate product. It has a very low mammalian toxicity, and targets specific insects, which means it is safe around such insects as honey bees and butterflies.

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  5. B&G Fogger MY Ti Lite-2300

    Starting at: $215.95

    B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Fogger
    The heavy-duty foggers from B&G  such as the B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Foggers are used for flying insect control around the world. They are ideal for commercial and residential accounts because of their compact size, and stability. Uses a 1-1/2 Gallon capacity tank with a 3-1/2" wide tank opening, with a preset 9 oz/min discharge. Available in 110V only.
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  6. Hurricane  ULV Mister Fogger #2790-Old Square Tank

    Out of stock

    Hurricane Fogger by Curtis Dyna-Fog is a electric "cold" ulv fogger that works for both oil and water based products. Use this electric portable aerosol applicator (ULV/Mister) wherever aerosol particle sizes are needed.This versatile fogger will provide an output of 0-5 gallons per hour, enough to handle both small and large areas. It will dispense insecticides, disinfectants, germicides, and deodorizers. Use it in homes, restaurants warehouses, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, greenhouses and other locations.

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  7. Nisus DSV - Disinfectant Sanitizer Virucide

    Nisus DSV is a broad spectrum disenfectant, sanitizer, virucide, mildewstat, fungicide product, all in one package. It is labeled to kill 31 strains of bacteria and 19 different viruses. This multipurpose solution used against disease-causing bacteria can be applied by spraying, using a mop and bucket or by soaking.

    Nisus DSV fungi, bacteria, mildew, disenfects hatavirus, swine flue, avian flue and more. Nisus DSV is a no-rinse disinfectant cleaner that disinfects, cleans and deodorizes in one labor-saving step. Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica and Staphylococcus aureus are common germs found where food is prepared and stored. This product kills these bacteria and helps prevent cross-contamination on treated non-food contact kitchen surfaces listed on this label. DSV does need to be rinsed if used on food contact surfaces. This product is for use in kitchens, bathrooms and other household areas.

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  8. Nisus Mold Clean

    Mold-Clean is a wood cleaner and surface conditioner. It is often used as a preparation application of wood surfaces before using Bora-Care or Bora-Care with Moldcare. Mold-Care has a pleasant scent and is ready to use; it requires no mixing.

    Mold-Clean is not a mold preventer, but removes the stains from mold and mildew. For preventing mold, use Bora-Care with Moldcare. Learn More

  9. Mold Remediation Kit

    Starting at: $37.60

    Mold Remediation Kit -Use the Gerson Mold Remediation Kit for mold remediation in accordance with US-EPA Guidelines. Learn More
  10. BoraCare + Mold Care

    BoraCare with Mold Care combines Boracare with Moldcare.It protects the surface, killing all forms of fungi (including mold) BoraCare with MoldCare also disenfects and sanitizes the treated areas.When used together,  Bora-Care with Mold-Care create a highly effective, residual solution to insects and mold.  As a 
    borate-based wood preservative, Boracare renders treated wood impervious to termites and other wood destroying insects, as well as wood decay fungi. It actually penetrates into the wood where it delivers residual protection for years.
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