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Animal Traps - Live Catch

Live Humane Animal traps for Rats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Opossums ,Woodchucks(Groundhogs)
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  1. Answer Catch and Release Skunk Trap

    JT Eaton's Answer Catch and Release Skunk Trap is a rugged, sturdy, and humane skunk trap. It is a no-harm trap that is designed to keep the animal calm with its darkened interior. The skunk is kept from spraying by its compact, low-profile design.

    The Answer Catch and Release Skunk Trap is a spring-loaded trap with and easy-to-set latch.

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  2. Trapper 24/7

    Trapper 24/7 is a nonwind up multiple catch mouse trap that may be applied as a live catch trap making it a humane mouse trap. This sleek and slim trap may also catch mice or insects using an LTD Glue Board for quick and easy clean up. It has a horizontal slide to open making it convenient for servicing. With its ventilation holes along the base, it limits condensation and provides access for insects. The Trapper 24/7 also has a tinted top that offers a view of pests by using a flashlight. Trapper 24/7 is strong and made of an impact-resistant material in a durable plastic construction that will not rust and last a long time.

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  3. #1079 Havahart  Raccoon Trap

    Contents: Havahart 1079 trap-live animal trap 
    1079 Havahart Raccoon Trap is made in the USA. 32 x 10 x 12 inches, galvanized wire mesh, steel reinforcements. For trapping raccoons, stray cats, groundhogs (woodchucks), opossums, armadillos, and similar-size nuisance animals . Spring loaded door Learn More
  4. Havahart 1077 Live Animal Cage Trap

    Havahart 1077 Live Animal Cage Trap  has a single door and is spring loaded. The Havahart Single Door Pro Model#1077 is ideal for trapping the larger squirrels.
    Squirrel Trap- Single Door Spring Loaded -
    17\" x 7\" x 7\" has a 1\" grid.
    Made in USA Learn More
  5. Havahart 1085 Easy Set Cage Style Animal Live Trap

    Havahart 1085 Easy Set  Animal Live Trap  can be set with one hand.
     The high tensile wire mesh makes the Havahart 1085 EZ Set Live Animal Trap more durable without making it heavier.
     The 1085 model is good for trapping  raccoons, cats, opossums, groundhogs, nutria and armadillos. Learn More
  6. Havahart Collapsible Model 1089

    The Havahart model 1089  is collapsible and is 32x10.75x12.75 when set up.
    This Havahart live animal trap is easy to bait, set and release. The Havahart Model 1089 is made of high tensile wire mesh  and is steel reinforced for long life and maximum resistance to damage. Learn More
  7. Havahart Model#1025

    Havahart Model 1025 captures squirrels (red and flying), rats, weasels, chipmunks and similar sized animals.  The Havahart Model 1025  is a double door trap, allowing animal to enter from either direction with sensitive triggers.The Havahart 1025 is a \"live\" animal trap designed to have smoothed internal edges to prevent injuries to animals. This live animal trap is  built to last by being rust and corrosion resistant and is made with the trigger rod outside of the trap so animals cannot damage it.

    Packaging: Single Traps
    Measures:18" x 5" x 5". with a 1/2\" grid
    The Havahart 1025 is made in the USA
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  8. Safeguard Squirrel-Rat Live Trap #50450-1

    The Safeguard Trap Model # 50450 is a perfect medium humane box live trap for squirrels, rats, muskrats. Safeguard #50450 live trap for squirrels, rats and muskrats  has  a front release door to set the critter free to it's natural environment.Safeguard Traps are made with a heavy-duty reinforced spring-loaded door, to provide maximum performance and superior animal retention. Safeguard Trap Model # 50450 is used by many professional wildlife control companies.

    Packaging: 1 Trap
    Measures : 18 in x 5 in x 5 in with an 1/2 in mesh.
    Covered by a 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.
    Made in the USA.
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