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Fogging Compounds and Foggers - Pyrethrins

What Is A Fog ?

A fog is produced from liquid droplets, held in suspension. The larger droplet sizes are easier to be seen, the smaller droplets ULV (ultra-low volume) that range under 15 microns are mostly invisible. There are different droplet sizes:

  • Dry fog (5-15 micron Volumetric Mean Diameter)
  • Wet fog (20-30 micron VMD)
  • Mist (30-60 micron)
  • Fine Spray (above 60 micron)

Dry Fog

Use Dry Fog droplets when you want droplets to diffuse widely. Use dry fog when wetting would lead to corrosion or a gas contact application such as odor control. The dry droplets have a greater surface to volume ration and diffuse easily with gas-like properties. They are more inclined to be carried by wind currents or prevailing wings.

Wet Fog

The larger wet fog droplets are preferable for trying to settle dust or asbestos particles. Application for certain cleaning, mold control, or disinfection requires the surface to be wet. Fogging with a wet fog procedure would be superior over "mop and bucket" with uniform coverage, faster application, and speedy dry time.

You may need to experiment with the different droplet sizes for your particular application. For humidification purposes, you may need to balance the advantages of larger droplets with their higher flow rate (shorter run time) against the disadvantages of undesirable wetting, droplet fallout, and poor distribution. We recommend that you experiment with water (no chemical) in the location that you want to fog. If you need to use an oil-based fogger with an oil-based compound, substitute the water for kerosene.

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  1. Pyrocide 300 Pyrethrin Fogging Concentrate - One Gallon

    Pyrocide 300 gives a quick knockdown and has flushing action for crawling insects, stored product pests and flying insects. Pyrocide contains a 3% pyrethrum and 16% PBO combination, with MGK 264 synergist. Pyrocide 300's mode of action is to disrupt the insects' nervous system with the pyrethrin. The dual-synergists are formulated to enhance the pyrethrins. This fogging formulation is refined in the USA and will not clog foggers.

    Compare Pyrocide to ULD BP-300.

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  2. Riptide Insecticide 5.0% Pyrethrin ULV

    Riptide 5.0% Pyrethrin ULV Insecticide is a waterbased Pyrethrin ULV. Riptide Insecticide is labeled for a variety of insects including mosquitoes, stored product pests, cockroaches, and biting insects. 64 oz mixes in 55 gallons of water for use in the mosquito control misting system.
    Packaging: 1 Unit
    1/2 gal (64 oz)

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  3. Safety Gear Kit

    Out of stock

    This safety gear kit contains coveralls with attached boots, a disposable dual cartridge respirator for organic vapors, a pair of nitrile gloves and safety goggles with indirect vents for complete protection.

    Total valued at 44.90 for 34.90

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  4. B&G Fogger MY Ti Lite-2300

    Starting at: $301.00

    Out of stock

    B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Fogger
    The heavy-duty foggers from B&G  such as the B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Foggers are used for flying insect control around the world. They are ideal for commercial and residential accounts because of their compact size, and stability. Uses a 1-1/2 Gallon capacity tank with a 3-1/2" wide tank opening, with a preset 9 oz/min discharge. Available in 110V only.
    Non-ULV fogger Learn More
  5. B&G Ultra-Lite 2400 Fogger

    Starting at: $360.00

    Out of stock

    B&G Ulta-Lite 2400 fogger provides the operator with an ideal unit to dispense chemicals for insect control, odor control, disinfecting and many other applications. The heavy-duty foggers from B&G are used for flying insect control around the world.The  B&G Ulta-Lite 2400 fogger features one piece rotation-molded construction for strength and durability and a large opening for ease of filling and emptying. The nozzle is preset at a 45 degree angle to direct flow of the fog upward for improved circulation.
    Each fogger is individually built and tested for performance.

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  6. Hurricane Ultra Fogger # 2794

    Out of stock

    Hurricane Ultra II Fogger # 2794 is a ULV/MIster that is an electric portable aerosol applicator. This ULV fogger by Curtis-Dyna Fog may dispense both water and oil-based products, making it very versatile. Among its various uses include application of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, deodorizers, disinfectants, poultry vaccines and germicides for use in warehouses, on farms, in greenhouses, germicidal spraying, schools, animal care facilities and disease control programs.

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  7. B&G Fogger Flex A Lite 2600 -18 inch hose

    Starting at: $423.50

    Out of stock

    B&G Flex A Lite 2600 The B&G Flex A Lite 2600 Fogger provides the widest range of options for cold fog applications. The nozzle, attached to the flex hose, allows the user to easily direct the fog in, under and at objects.The convenient flow adjustment knob located at the nozzle enables the operator to change the liquid flow rate being dispensed. Each fogger is individually built and tested for performance
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  8. Bonide Fog RX Insect Fogger #420

    Rid your yard of mosquitoes and other insects with help from the Bonide Fog Rx Insect Fogger. This insect fogger is made of durable nylon and features a translucent bowl to allow you to see any unused insecticide.
    The easy trigger action dispenses microscopic particles that disappear quickly, leaving no active residue. The self-starting ignitor switch creates a spark that lights the heater coil, generating the heat necessary to create the fog.

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  9. Mosquito Fogger Kit

    Out of stock

    Every thing you need to fog mosquitoes outside.


    1. 1 -Bonide Propane Fogger
    2. 1-Mosquito Beater Flying Insect Fog (1/2 Gallon # 552 )
    3. Valued at 91.45 for 86.45
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  10. PBO 8 Piperonyl Butoxide Synergist Spray

    Starting at: $32.50

    PBO 8 Piperonyl Butoxide Synergist Spray can be added to pyrethrins or synthetic pyrethroids to increase effectiveness of the insecticides.

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