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Fogging Compounds and Foggers - Pyrethrins

What Is A Fog ?

A fog is produced from liquid droplets, held in suspension. The larger droplet sizes are easier to be seen, the smaller droplets ULV (ultra-low volume) that range under 15 microns are mostly invisible. There are different droplet sizes:

  • Dry fog (5-15 micron Volumetric Mean Diameter)
  • Wet fog (20-30 micron VMD)
  • Mist (30-60 micron)
  • Fine Spray (above 60 micron)

Dry Fog

Use Dry Fog droplets when you want droplets to diffuse widely. Use dry fog when wetting would lead to corrosion or a gas contact application such as odor control. The dry droplets have a greater surface to volume ration and diffuse easily with gas-like properties. They are more inclined to be carried by wind currents or prevailing wings.

Wet Fog

The larger wet fog droplets are preferable for trying to settle dust or asbestos particles. Application for certain cleaning, mold control, or disinfection requires the surface to be wet. Fogging with a wet fog procedure would be superior over "mop and bucket" with uniform coverage, faster application, and speedy dry time.

You may need to experiment with the different droplet sizes for your particular application. For humidification purposes, you may need to balance the advantages of larger droplets with their higher flow rate (shorter run time) against the disadvantages of undesirable wetting, droplet fallout, and poor distribution. We recommend that you experiment with water (no chemical) in the location that you want to fog. If you need to use an oil-based fogger with an oil-based compound, substitute the water for kerosene.

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  1. VamPyre Misting Concentrate

    VamPyre Misting Concentrate

    VamPyre Misting Concentrate by MGK is the newest product available for misting systems. VamPyre is formulated with a 3% Pyrethrum and 30% PBO mixture. This combination provides a great quick knockdown elimination and long-term stability in water dilutions.

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  2. Bonide Mosquito Beater Flying Insect Fog-Gallon

    Starting at: $28.50

    Bonide's Mosquito Beater Flying Insect Fog is a ready-to-use fogging material that kills on contact. It may be applied in all propane and electric outdoor foggers. Mosquito Beater Flying Insect Fog kills flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, blackflies, midges and more listed pests.

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  3. Sector Misting Concentrate-64 oz

    Starting at: $78.50

    Sector Misting Concentrate with two powerful active ingredients, Permethrin and PBO provides a quick kill and a residual control of tough flying insects such as flies, gnats, biting midges, no-see-ums and mosquitoes. Sector Misting Concentrate is a water based polymeric surfactant system that is stable in solution. It will not harm most ornamental plants; safe to use in landscape areas and lawns.

    Sector's Uses and Application

    Sector may be used in automatic misting systems, outdoor premise spray, surface spray on animals and animal premises, and indoors as a surface spray in non-food areas.

    Method of application includes, automatic misting systems, compressed air sprayers, ULV cold foggers and power sprayers.

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  4. Cirrus Fogging Concentrate

    Cirrus Fogging Concentrate

    Cirrus Fogging Concentrate not only kills very quickly nuisance insect pests but flushes them out of hiding areas. Cirrus Fogging Concentrate, by MGK attacks a very broad spectrum of target pests; both flying and crawling insects. These include flies, mosquitoes, spiders, ants, ticks, roaches, stored product pest and more listed pests.

    It is an oil based concentrate designed to be mixed with oil. Cirrus can be used indoors or outside, in food or non-food areas.

    Cirrus can be compared to BP-300 and Pyrocide 300 fogging concentrates.

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  5. Prentox Crop Spray (Pyrethrin & Piperonyl Butoxide)

    Starting at: $98.63

    Prentox Pyronyl Crop Spray is designated for use alone as a clean-up spray, or as a pre-harvest spray, where other materials cannot be used because of residue restrictions.

    This product has a high percentage of pyrethrum, with a high concentrate of a synergist for increased performance. It controls mosquitoes in adult and larval stages.

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  6.  Pyronyl UL-300 Oil Concentrate

    Prentox Pyronyl Oil Concentrate #-3-6-10-A Pyrethrins 3.00% is a oil-based synergized pyrethrum that may be mixed with kerosene for use in U.L.V. equipment. Active Ingredient: Pyrethrins 3.00%, Piperonyl Butoxide Technical 6.00%
    Prentox Pyronyl Oil Concentrate #-3-6-10-A may not be shipped to AK, CT, NY
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  7. Whitmire ULD BP 100

    1% pyrethrum with a 5% dual synergist for tough insect problems.This fogging spray is dual synergized for increased kill for quick control of a wide range of pest. *Can't be mixed with water.

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  8. Prentox Emulsifiable Spray Concentrate #96

    Out of stock

    96 with .96% Pyrethrins, 9.60% Piperonyl Butoxide; fogging 1 gallon, can be mixed with water or oil; will remain in solution for one day

    Packaging: 1 Gallon
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  9. Bug Beater Yard and Garden-40 Oz
  10. ECOPco Emulsifier

    Out of stock

    ECO Emulsifier-1/2 Gallon Learn More

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