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Rodent Bait Stations

Rodent Bait Stations

It is advisable to use tamper-resistant rodent bait stations to keep children, pets and non-target animals away from poison rodent bait. The larger bait stations will allow both rats and mice to enter. The smaller bait stations will only permit mice to enter due to its size. These bait stations are designated "mouse bait stations".

Rodent Bait Stations with Tier 1 Ratings

Some stations are classified as Tier 1 by the EPA. A Tier 1 rating has undergone testing by the EPA. Stations that have this rating:

This rating is recommended around larger animals like raccoons or large sized dogs such as Rottweilers.  There are two bait stations that are disposable, have bait included and have a T1 rating:

For a quick glance chart of Tier 1 Ratings, click here: Protecta Bait Station Comparison Table

Rodent Bait Stations and Snap Traps

Some rodent bait stations are designed to outfit a snap trap, as well. This is useful when you want to use trapping methods. These tamper resistant bait stations will keep children and pets away from the harm of a snap trap. One benefit of trapping a rodent is the abiltiy to locate the corpse and avoid odors from a dead rodent.

The Protecta Bait Station, Protecta EVO Ambush and Protecta Landscape bait stations will house both rodent baits and the T Rex Rat Snap Trapor Mini Rex Mouse Snap Trap. The Protecta Mouse Bait Staion will hold either rodent bait or the Mini Rex Mouse Snap Trap. The Victor Snap Traps will not fit in these bait stations.

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