Systemic Insecticides

Systemic Insecticides allow the insecticide (liquid or granules) to be taken into the root system, and spread through the entire plant. The systemic will stay inside the plant.

What advantages do systemics have ?

  • If you use an insecticide that is not classified as a systemic, it will only stay on the surface of the plant. A systemic Insecticide works from the inside to the outside.
  • The entire plant (not just surface ) is protected against pests.
  • Long term benefits
  • Using a systemic insecticide will protect the insecticide against rain and sunlight because it resides inside the plant's stem, leaves or blades.
  • We carry Imidacloprid and Glyphosate in herbicides and insecticides.

Uses of systemic insecticides

Many people like to use systemic insecticides to control pests on grass, shrubs, lawns, ornamentals, trees to war against Japanese beetles, mole crickets, grubs, white grubs and various other pests.

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