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  1. Pro-Pest Silverfish Trap

    Protect books, library and museum collections with Pro-Pest R.T.U. Silverfish Trap. This ready to use trap by JF Oakes is a smart design which makes trapping silverfish and other insects easy. This trap comes with a food attractant and is safe for pets and humans. It also catches other insects and their larvae, such as Firebrats, Museum beetle larvae, Brown carpet beetle larvae, Psocoptera, and Drugstore beetles.

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  2. Commercial German Roach Kits (For Hotels and Motels)

    Starting at: $203.50

    This kit has the perfect combination of products for German roach control in hotels, motels, and rental properties. It contains Alpine WSG, Tekko Pro IGR, Invict Gold Roach Bait and M 327 Roach Pheromone Traps and JF Oakes Insect Bait Stations

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  3. Catchmaster 948 Fly Glue Trap w/ Attractant

    Starting at: $10.50

    This giant fly glue trap by Catchmaster measures 12" x 48", with 268 square inches of surface per trap. It has a multi-bait attractant in the glue to lure the flies on to the glue board. The fluorescent chartreuse color also attracts the flies. Use where ever the flies are a problem such as barns, stables, homes, animal health facilities or restaurants and commercial food areas.

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  4. #0631

    The Victor Out O' Sight mole trap is a strong scissor-type trap that kills moles in their burrows and holes and protects your lawn and garden without the use of insecticides.Victor Out Of Sight mole trap
    Model #0631 protects lawns,gardens and shrubs wihtout the need of poisons. Features malleable iron jaws for superior strength and long life. Learn More
  5. Terro Fly Ribbon Catcher (4 per card)

    Terro Fly Ribbon Catchers are sticky ribbons that pull out of cardboard tube to trap flies and flying insects. Each tube has a thumbtack and ribbon to hang it in areas where flies are present. When it is full of flying insects, throw it away in the trash. Learn More
  6. Invite Fruit Fly Trap

    Out of stock

    Invite Fruit Fly Trap - Traps Fruit Flies and Phorid Flies

    Rockwell Lab's InVite Fruit Fly Trap is a perfect non-pesticide solution to capture fruit flies and phorid flies. The dark eyed fruit fly is difficult to catch, but the attractant in Invite Fruit Fly Traps lures and catches them. As a bonus, this non-toxic trap can be used in food areas. Invite Fruit Fly traps have an unique two part lure system. They are pre-loaded with a powder that is activated by a liquid in that is in a pouch.

    The Invite Fruit Fly Trap may be placed upside down or underside of counters, without spills.

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  7. XLure RTU Combo 4

    Starting at: $42.50

    XLure RTU Combo 4 are ready to use diamond glue traps that are pre-baited with Pherogel. Xlure Combo4 traps are pre-baited with 3 pheromones, plus a unique food lure that attracts more than 8 major stored product insects.

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  8. Gardner RG-1002T Corner/Wall  Mount Electrocutor (Aluminized Steel )

    With Gardner's RG-1002T electrocutor fly light trap, you may be mount it in a corner or on a wall, allowing for versatility. Because of its rear angle design, it may fit tightly into corners. Mount this electrocutor trap 1-2 feet above the floor so the 48" length bulb shines in the most active location of the flies. For best results, hang the fly light trap away from any competing light sources, like windows.

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  9. Gotcha Sprayer Pro Adaptor

    The Gotcha Sprayer Pro Adaptor is an adaptor to put on the end of an extension pole to spray an aerosol or dispense a dust for hard to reach areas. It is designed for daily use by a professional exterminator. Typical applications are for carpenter bee holes, wasp and hornet nests, dusting tall fruit trees and dusting gardens. With this adapter you can reach areas without ladders, reducing falling risks. It also has an adjustable angle so you can use it to apply dust without bending or climbing.

    A standard threaded extension pole found at home and garden centers will fit.

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  10. Tomahawk E60 - 6" x 6" x12" One Way Excluder - Skunk Size

    Tomahawk E60 - 6" x 6" x12" One Way Excluder - Skunk Size Learn More

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