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  1. Alpine Dust

    Starting at: $74.50

    Alpine Bed Bug Dust

    Prescription Treatment brand Alpine Dust Insecticide

    Alpine dust insecticide is the industry's first and only Reduced Risk non repellent dust for broad-spectrum control of crawling and flying insects. Alpine Dust may be used for bed bugs, ants and stinging insects.

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  2. Gardner EL-66 + EL-67  9 x 16 Glue Boards

    Starting at: $28.40

    Replacement Glue Boards for Gardner Insect Light Traps-12 pk.

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  3. Exocutor 80 Fly Trap

    Exocutor 80 Fly Trap uses (2) 36-watt UV bulbs for an output of 72 watts for effective fly control. The design has corner light scoops that permit the UV light to come from the corners as well as the front, back, and sides of the trap. It also has internal aluminum UV light reflectors and a triangular killing grid to effectively catch the flies in a large catch tray. It may be mounted on the wall or desk mounted.

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  4. PFT Yellow Hanging Station

    Use PFT Yellow Hanging Stations for trapping, killing and baiting flying insects. These versatile traps can trap a variety of flying insects, such as flies, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets and other flying insects. It has a removable molded-in aperture disc which allows for a variety of opening sizes, which enables the capture of most flying insects. If you need to use it to trap pantry moths or use it as a bait station, the disk pops out easily.

    It uses a standard 16 oz drink cup to capture the flying insects. Simply replace the cup when it is dirty or full. Each station comes with a 16 oz disposable cup and hanging wire.

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  5. Gardner AG-969

    Gardner AG-969 is Gardner's top of the line electric fly light trap. It is wall mounted and has 100 watts of UV for a powerful fly attraction. Gardner AG-969 is an electrocution trap, and the flies drop down to a removable tray. This removable tray is easy to access to evaluate, identify and dispose of the flies. Install the Gardner AG-969 trap 3-6 feet high on the wall.

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  6. 60 Day Universal Glue Boards-White and Black

    Starting at: $19.90

    This glue board fits a wide variety of fly traps on the market today with its perforations. It has grid lines for an insect catch count and fits to the back or bottom of insect light traps. Each board will last 60 days, unless it gets full of insects. Learn More
  7. Halo 45 Aqua Fly Light Trap

    This Halo 45 Aqua Fly Light is made for locations that require hosing down as part of maintenance. The Halo 45 Aqua is stainless steel with a modern design. It is both durable for industrial food prep areas and discreet as a front of the house option placement. It can be mounted both horizontally or vertically. We suggest you mount all fly light traps away from windows, so the light from the trap does not compete with light from windows.

    This product does not come with a plug and needs to be hardwired into an appropriate power source by a qualified electrician.

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  8. EZ Snap Mouse Trap Station-Opened

    EZ Snap Mouse Trap Station by VM products is an innovative mouse trap station that has two securely mounted removable snap mouse traps inside the station.This mouse trap station has a guided wall for entry and an open floor entry that gives the mouse a sense of safety as they enter which encourages entrance to the station. Once inside, the mouse is encouraged over the commitment wall into the target zone by its unique design. Once inside the target zone, the mice are trapped on the included snap traps. You may remove the snap traps and use a glue board. The snap traps are replaceable.

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  9. Mosquito Bits 8 Oz Jar-Shaker Top

    Starting at: $13.95

    Mosquito Bits are a highly selective microbial insecticide effective against mosquitoes in a variety of habitats. When spread over the surface of containerized water the Mosquito Bits release a biological mosquito larvicide at the water's surface. Mosquito BitsĀ (larvicide) gradually settles in the water where it is eaten by mosquito larvae growing there,killing the larvae before it becomes an adult. Learn More
  10. D-Fense NXT

    D-Fense NXT combines 3 different active ingredients providing three modes of action for quick knockdown and residual control of bed bugs and other listed pests. D-Fense NXT contains one residual insecticide active ingredient, deltamethrin and 2 IGR (Insect Growth Regulators), Novaluron and Pyriproxyfen. These 2 IGRs help to break the bed bug life cycle and to prohibit the insect from molting properly.

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