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Chemical Sprayers

Pump Sprayers are the most common, and generally the most effective piece of pest control equipment for applying chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. High quality sprayer brands come with adjustable nozzles and wands to give the operator great control over the application of chemicals. Using a quality sprayer makes chemical application easier, safer, and effective. Sprayers also save you money by reducing over-spray and overall chemical use, especially when the sprayer utilizes a high quality shut-off handle.

Caution: Some people are tempted to mix insecticide concentrates in a cheap spray bottle, but that can be both dangerous and ineffective, especially when treating larger areas. Your goals during pest control treatment should be to keep the spray away from your body, and hitting only the target area with spray. This is safer for you and the environment.

Brands: We prefer B&G sprayers because they are professionally tested, lightweight, and have the highest customer satisfaction. Chapin sprayers are also a good alternative to B&G.

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  1. B&G AccuSpray  Elite Professional #24000100

    B&G AccuSpray Professional (#24000100) has a high efficient pump design that takes only 10 pumps to achieve a full charge. Holds up to 16 oz and is lightweight, wearing it  on your belt.
     This highly efficient pump from B&G allows insecticide concentrates to be pressurized with a variety of spray patterns to allow accuracy of spraying. This compact sprayer is made of all metal, brass fittings along with the B&G Extenda-Ban gun with a 4 way tip. The assembly included comes with a carrying holster and heavy duty hose assembly, expands up to 6 ft. Included with every AccuSpray Professional is a measuring device for easy mixing and calibration instructions. Learn More
  2. Black and Decker-Chapin 20 V Max Back Pack Sprayer #63980
  3. AccuSpray Professional Termite Injection Tip - 24000101

    AccuSpray Professional Termite Injection Tip - 24000101

    The AccuSpray is an important tool for any IPM Program. The compact design allows insecticide to be applied to areas where insect activity is present. There are many models and configurations available from B&G Equipment. Please call us if you would like to order an item not show.

  4. Chapin 1280 Premier 2-Gallon Tri-Poxy Sprayer

    The Chapin 2-gallon premier tri-poxy steel sprayer features a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. Constructed with tri-poxy steel, this sprayer includes a 4-position nozzle and viton seals and gaskets.

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  5. B&G 1 Gallon N124-S-24 (24" Wand) Sprayer

    B&G 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer-24-inch wand N124-S (without C&C)

    B&G has manufactured the finest sprayer on the market. It has been the only sprayer used by professionals for many years. This sprayer can easily be used by both pest control service technicians and individuals responsible for pest control in and around homes, businesses, restaurants, restaurants - wherever pests need to be sprayed.
    Made in USA
    The B&G 4-way tip meets the labeling requirements for most insecticides.
    This sprayer has replacement parts readily available. 
    Model #N124-S

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  6. Solo 451 Backpack  Mist Blower

    Out of stock

    Solo 451 Backpack Mist Blower is a powerful mist blower that is perfect for mosquito or weed control with any water-based product. This tough mist blower is ideal for large areas, using less chemical than a standard sprayer with a more thorough job done. Even though this 3.4-gallon backpack mist blower is robust, it is easy to handle and provides long operating times. Its highlights include a low-emission Solo engine and fan system. This #451 model is a replacement for the 450 model.

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  7. B&G Versa Backpack Fogger,45000000

    B&G Versa-Fogger is the first true ULV gasoline powered backpack fogger. It is jointly developed by B&G Equipment and Curtis Dynafog combining a mistblower and a ULV spray fogger. It has a reliable Honda 4 stroke motor, with no need to mix oil with gas. It has an all metal frame made of stainless steel and aluminum. It has an one gallon solution tank. This heavy duty versatile fogger may be used in a variety of applications from mosquito control outside to insect control in a warehouse.

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  8. Chapin 1180 Premier - 1 Gallon Tri-Poxy  Sprayer

    Out of stock

    Chapin 1180 Premier 1-Gallon Tri-Poxy  Sprayer

    The Chapin 1-gallon premier tri-poxy steel sprayer features a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. Constructed with tri-poxy steel, this sprayer includes a 4-position nozzle and viton seals and gaskets.

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  9. Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Mouth Battery Sprayer Backpack, 20-volt

    Out of stock

    Chapin's new battery powered pack back sprayer is designed for the professional in mind. Black and Decker 20 V Lithium-Ion Battery (Charger included) powers this four gallon, wide mouth backpack sprayer. This powerful sprayer sprays up to 50 gallons in one charge and provides 1.75 hours of continuous spraying. Chapin's model, 63985 backpack sprayer, sprays up to 35 psi and up to 35-feet maximum horizontal spray. The Chapin 4 gallon battery backpack sprayer uses the same 63800 pro series tank assembly, filters and shutoff.

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  10. Birchmeier REA 15 AZ1 Backpack Sprayer

    The Birchmeier REA 15 AZ1 Backpack Sprayer is a speed controlled battery operated backpack sprayer. The battery operation time will last longer because you can adjust the working pressure in the pressure-controlled pump. It also has an electronic system that monitors rotational speed, charge level of battery, and if the on-off switch. It also has a the ability to to work without interruption with its change battery system.

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How to use adjustable nozzles when spraying chemicals

Adjustable nozzles let you change the pesticide spray pattern to accommodate the treatment area and the type of chemical in use. In some cases, a direct stream of chemical is most effective if the target is small. For example, a direct stream works well if you are targeting a specific weed surrounded by desirable plants. You want the herbicide to only come into contact with the undesirable plant to avoid damaging the desirable plants. A broad spray pattern on the other hand is effective for applying insecticide to the exterior walls of a home where you typically want to cover a large area quickly. Proper spray control is the most environmentally safe way to treat against pests

How sprayer wands make pest control safer

Sprayer wands are an important piece of equipment because they keep the chemical farther away from your body while spraying and allow you to reach areas beyond your arm's length. A home's foundation or weeds surrounding the outer perimeter of a flower bed are examples of a places that a sprayer wand can help you reach.

Safety Tip: When possible, avoid spraying chemicals overhead. While sprayer wands allow you to reach higher areas, often times the chemical will fall back on you in the process. Always wear safety goggles, a respirator, gloves, and long sleeve clothing when spraying in areas where chemical exposure is possible. Avoid skin and eye contact with all types of herbicides and insecticides.