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Chemical Sprayers

Pump Sprayers are the most common, and generally the most effective piece of pest control equipment for applying chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. High quality sprayer brands come with adjustable nozzles and wands to give the operator great control over the application of chemicals. Using a quality sprayer makes chemical application easier, safer, and effective. Sprayers also save you money by reducing over-spray and overall chemical use, especially when the sprayer utilizes a high quality shut-off handle.

Caution: Some people are tempted to mix insecticide concentrates in a cheap spray bottle, but that can be both dangerous and ineffective, especially when treating larger areas. Your goals during pest control treatment should be to keep the spray away from your body, and hitting only the target area with spray. This is safer for you and the environment.

Brands: We prefer B&G sprayers because they are professionally tested, lightweight, and have the highest customer satisfaction. Chapin sprayers are also a good alternative to B&G.

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  1. Solo 452 Mist Blower

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    Solo Mister 452 has a new fuel pump assisted 66.5 cc engine that is easy to start. Solo Misters, made in Germany, have impressive spraying capacity and are lightweight. It creates a fine mist, which makes applying chemicals over large areas more efficient than hand pump sprayers. Solo Mister 452's engine generates a fan air volume of max 824 cfm (cubic feet per minute).

    The sizeable 0.37-gallon capacity fuel tank, with low fuel consumption, allows longer operating time. Even under high-temperature conditions, the aluminum crankcase with its high-quality engine components allows increased power output.

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  2. Birchmeier Rec 15 ABZ- #11925001

    This 4-gallon backpack sprayer has electronically control pressure. Everything is monitored and regulated by the electronics, constant pressure, on, off, pump protection functions, and battery charge state. Adjust the pressure from 0.5 to 6 bar by using the dial. The electronics monitors the pressure. The pressure ranges from 7-87 psi and can spray up to 52 gallons at a 1.5 bar setting. With its 18-volt lithium-ion battery, it a quick-change battery replacement system that allows uninterrupted work. You can spray continuously for extended periods without experiencing back discomfort.

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  3. FlowZone Cyclone V2 (4 Gallon "Low Pressure" Variable Speed)

    The FlowZone Cyclone 2V (4 Gallon "Low Pressure" Variable Speed) has updated its 4 gallon Cyclone sprayer for a better spraying experience.

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  4. Tomahawk 3.7 Turbo Boosted Gallon Backpack Mist Blower

    Tomahawk's 3.7 Turbo Mist Blower is perfect for all seasons. In the spring and summer months, it quickly tackle lawns for mosquito, flea, and tick control. During the autumn and winter months, use this mist blower to blow leaves. It is also handy for misting disinfectants and sanitizers.

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  5. Birchmeier REB 15 AC1 Backpack Sprayer (CAS battery pack)

    Birchmeier REB 15 AC1 Backpack Sprayer (CAS battery pack)-Birchmeier's new pressure controlled four gallon backpack sprayer has a 18 V Li-Power that includes a battery pack and charger. It charges in less than 80 minutes. This backpack sprayer is electronically controlled with an operating pressure adjustable bar (0.5 to 6 bar). It has a consistent spray pattern with adjustable droplet sizes. Learn More
  6. Chapin Concrete Sprayer #1949

    Chapin Concrete Sprayer #1949  is a high quality concrete sprayer for the professional.The Chapin 3-1/2-gallon industrial viton concrete open head sprayer sprays 1/2 gallon per minute. Will take form oils, but not acetones.Optional Feature : #6-7745 In-tank anti-clog filter. Learn More
  7. Chapin Industrial Viton Cleaner/Degreaser -3 Gallon #22360.

    Chapin Industrial Degreaser Cleaner Model-3 Gallon #22360.Industrial Poly Cleaner/Degreaser Sprayers, Built In Relief Valve/Pressure Gauge For Added Safety, Container & Discharge Assembly Have No Fiberglass Additives, Only Pure Virgin Grade Material Which Stands Up To Acidic Cleaners Learn More
  8. Chapin 12 Gallon 24v Push Sprayer (#97900)

    Chapin's Push (walk behind) Spray holds 12 gallons for large area coverage. It has 12" wide pneumatic tires that navigates rough terrain. The Chapin 12 Gallon 24v Push Sprayer (#97900) has a boom arm (movable spraying arm) that can be positioned to the left or right for accommodation for walk behind boom sprayer and change it to spot spraying with a wand by simply flipping a switch. t has a wide mouth opening for easy pouring of liquids for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers.

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  9. Chapin Industrial Degreaser Cleaner Model-2 Gallon #22350

    Chapin Industrial Degreaser Cleaner Model-2 Gallon #22350X is an industrial poly cleaner and degreaser sprayer.Chapin Industrial Degreaser Cleaner Model-2 Gallon #22350 has a
    built In relief valve/pressure gauge for added safety, container & discharge. Learn More
  10. Chapin Industrial 6-Gallon Stainless Steel Cart Sprayer #6300

    The Chapin 6 Gallon Stainless Steel Cart Sprayer is a heavy-duty industrial sprayer with an extra-large tank capacity for the most demanding jobs. Features in this Chapin #6300 6 gallon Stainless Steel Cart Sprayer include a stainless steel tank with a large mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning, ergo handle, 18 inch brass wand extension with a brass adjustable nozzle that ranges from stream to fan spray, 10 foot long reinforced hose, and Viton seals and gaskets for excellent durability and corrosion resistance Learn More

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How to use adjustable nozzles when spraying chemicals

Adjustable nozzles let you change the pesticide spray pattern to accommodate the treatment area and the type of chemical in use. In some cases, a direct stream of chemical is most effective if the target is small. For example, a direct stream works well if you are targeting a specific weed surrounded by desirable plants. You want the herbicide to only come into contact with the undesirable plant to avoid damaging the desirable plants. A broad spray pattern on the other hand is effective for applying insecticide to the exterior walls of a home where you typically want to cover a large area quickly. Proper spray control is the most environmentally safe way to treat against pests

How sprayer wands make pest control safer

Sprayer wands are an important piece of equipment because they keep the chemical farther away from your body while spraying and allow you to reach areas beyond your arm's length. A home's foundation or weeds surrounding the outer perimeter of a flower bed are examples of a places that a sprayer wand can help you reach.

Safety Tip: When possible, avoid spraying chemicals overhead. While sprayer wands allow you to reach higher areas, often times the chemical will fall back on you in the process. Always wear safety goggles, a respirator, gloves, and long sleeve clothing when spraying in areas where chemical exposure is possible. Avoid skin and eye contact with all types of herbicides and insecticides.