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Powder Post Beetle Control

Powder Post Beetles

"Powder post beetle" is a term that is applied to a number of different wood destroying beetle species: Lyctidae, Bostrichidae, Anobiidae and Cerambycidae. They are smaller than 1/4" in size. Powder post beetles are wood-boring insects that reduce wood to a fine powder-like substance. Adults do little damage. It is the larvae (woodworms) that do the majority of the the damage. Infestations are typically discovered after noticing small, round holes in wood surfaces.

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  1. Tim-Bor Insecticide

    Starting at: $14.64

    Tim-Bor Professional's active ingredient, 98% Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate has no known insect resistance. It may used as as a liquid, foam or dust, and provides long term protection against insects(drywood and subterranean termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants and decaying fungi.

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  2. BoraCare + Mold Care

    BoraCare with Mold Care combines Boracare with Moldcare.It protects the surface, killing all forms of fungi (including mold) BoraCare with MoldCare also disenfects and sanitizes the treated areas.When used together,  Bora-Care with Mold-Care create a highly effective, residual solution to insects and mold.  As a 
    borate-based wood preservative, Boracare renders treated wood impervious to termites and other wood destroying insects, as well as wood decay fungi. It actually penetrates into the wood where it delivers residual protection for years.
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  3. BoraCare (Borate)- 1 gallon

    Boracare is an odorless liquid borate based insecticide-termiticide-fungicide that diffuses deeply into wood. BoraCare is a liquid borate in a glycol solution, allowing a deeper penetration than another borate such as Timbor. BoraCare will last for the life of the wood, so retreatment is not necessary.

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  4. Jecta Gel

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    Jecta Diffusible Boracide is a ready to use borate that you inject in wood that acts as an insecticide or termiticide. It will protect wood from termites, powderpost beetles, carpenter ants, wood destroying beetles, and decay fungi with a high concentrate of 40% active disodium octaborate tetrahydrate.

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  5. Tandem Insecticide

    Starting at: $125.50

    Tandem Insecticide combines two powerful active ingredients for two modes of action. Tandem Insecticide is formulated with thiamethoxam (neonicotinoid class) and lambda-cyhalothrin (pyrethroid family). These two active ingredients not only give you a quick kill, but provide a residual for long term control. This new product by Syngenta is also formulated with a patented iCap technology. This a technique that uses multiple sizes of micro capsules that protect the active ingredients from harsh environmental conditions, providing a long term controlled release for up to four months.

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  6. Tempo Dust 1% Cyfluthrin

    Tempo Dust is noted for a quick knockdown and long term control of many insects. It is particularly effective on stinging insects such as, hornets, wasps and bees. Simply dust into their harborages. It works well on other insects as well such as roaches and many other perimeter pests.

    Tempo Dust is a pyrethroid dust that can be used inside or outside in dusting applications. Tempo Dust can be dusted into voids, cracks and crevices, and in and around structures using dusters such as hand duster or a power duster. It has excellent penetration into wall voids, securing equal coverage, and is odor-free and non-staining.

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  7. Alpine Ant & Termite Foam

    In wall voids and localized termite infestations, Alpine Ant &Termite Foam is an excellent product to combine with other non-repellents like Taurus SC. Alpine Foam cannot be detected by insects (non-repellent) and gets transferred throughout, allowing the insecticide to spread quickly throughout the entire colony. Alpine Foam is a safer insecticide, being part of a line of reduced-risk insecticides which contain Dinotefuran. With Alpine Foam you can treat subterranean and drywood termites, including termite swarm sites and localized termite infestations in wall voids and other areas. Learn More
  8. Alpine Aerosol PT

    Alpine aerosol pressurized insecticide with Dinotefuran  is not only a very safe insecticide (reduced risk ) but is a nonrepellent aerosol(insects don't know it is there) for control of crawling and flying insects. Alpine works great on insecticide-resistant bed bugs.
    Also labeled for ants, beetles, flies and more. 
    Three  great features: Reduced Risk , Non Repellent (insects don't know where it is) and effective against many resistant insects.
    Alpine Aerosol is approved for use in New York.

    Can not be shipped by expedited choices, per air regulations.

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  9. EcoPCO AR X Aerosol - 17 oz

    ECO PCO AR-X is a multi purpose use insecticide. It is made up of plant oils plus the contact killer pyrethrin. The botanical ingredients and pyrethrins are not synthetic pesticides so they are  safer to use.ECO PCO AR-X is does not contain CFC's which are harmful to the environment. ECO PCO AR-X is unscented and non-staining.

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