Premise 2 - (240 ml/8.12 oz)

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Premise 2 , Imidacloprid..............21.4% Premise 2 is a non repellent termiticide and insecticide.
 Yields 15-30 gallons for insect and termite control

Compare Premise 2 to Dominion 2L -Yields 50-100 gallons
Can't be shipped to to AK. CT, MA, NY

Packaging: 240 ml (8.12 oz) bottles
Each bottle yields 15-30 gallons

Premise 2 Termiticide Concentrate - Compare to Dominion 2L

Packaging: 240 ml (8.12 oz) bottles 

Each bottle yields 15-30 gallons 

Compare Premise 2 to Dominion 2L -Yields 50-100 gallons

Premise 2 and Dominion 2L have the same label of 21.4% of the active ingredient,Imidacloprid, but Dominion 2L is far more economical.

Active Ingredient:
for both Premise 2L(8.12 oz.)and Dominion 2L (27.5oz.)

Premise 2L 8.12 oz. yields 30 gallons for termite control

Dominion 2L 27.5 oz. yields 50 gallons for termite control

An average house would need 100 gallon yield, using 4 gallons per 10 linear feet.

Dominion 2L or Premise 2 Termiticide Concentrates

Doninion 2L or Premise 2 are great for trenching and soil treatment.
Also used for treating wood and wall void foaming.

Termites do not detect Dominion or Premise.

Since Dominion 2L or Premise are non-repellents, termites can't detect them; instead, they come directly in contact with the active ingredient, - imidacloprid. Once exposed to Dominion or Premise the termites stop feeding and die. Do not use Dominion 2L or Premise with a termite bait system. A preferred non repellent to use with a termite bait system would be Termidor.

Most of the other commonly used pre-treat termiticide products are repellent, which means that termites avoid treated areas, but continue to search for gaps in the treat ment from which they can attack the structure.

Dominion 2L or Premise 2 are a non-repellent termite treatments, meaning that termites unknowingly enter a treated zone of applied chemical.. Applied to soil, Dominion 2L or Premise2 create a protective zone that has been treated between termites in the soil and wood in your home. Other repellent termite control products rely on a complete barrier to be effective - one small gap in the treatment and termites will find it. Dominion 2L or Premise 2 works by killing termites, not repelling them. Its unique chemistry binds to soil and won't wash away.

Dominion 2L or Premise2 get rid of termites in several ways. First, termites are eliminated as they ingest or contact Dominion/Premise in the zone that has been treated.. Second, termites transfer Dominion 2L/ Premise 2 through social interaction and cannibalism. Termites survive as a colony and are in constant contact with each other. .

Dominion 2L /Premise 2 is applied at very low rates -- up to 10 times lower than some other termite treatments.

The exterior perimeter labels of Dominion 2L /Premise 2 allow you to focus your treatments where termite infestations are most likely to occur .

  • Less Intrusive.
  • No inside treatments required unless there are active termite infestations found during inspection.
  • Less drilling required, compared to conventional treatments
  • Complete exterior perimeter treatment of the home required

Active Ingredient:

Premise 2- 8.12 oz.(240ml) bottle makes 30 gallons of solution.

Dominion 2L- 27.5oz.(724.6ml) bottle makes 50 gallons of solution.

Both are labeled for prevention and control of :

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