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  1. Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait 1.5 lb (comes in 3 sizes)

    Starting at: $29.95

    Extinguish Fire Plus Ant Bait comes in the smaller sizes and in the larger economy size. One bag of Extinguish Plus 25 lbs treats up to 16.6 Acres.It contains both an IGR and a insecticide (slow acting stomach poison) to both stop the reproduction of the ants and kill the current worker ants.

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  2. Battleship III Selective Herbicide

    Battleship III Selective Herbicide has a combination of three active ingredients ( MCPA , Fluroxypyr , and Triclopyr ) for control of both annual and perennial broadleaf weeds such as Chickweed, Dandelion, Knotweed, Blac Medic, Clover, Plantain, Oxalis, Thistle and more listed broadleaf weeds. Battleship III may be appied to both established cool season and warm season turfgrasses (excluding St. Augustine and Seashore Paspalum).

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  3. Texas Size Texas 2 Step Fire Ant Kit

    Texas Size Texas 2 Step Fire Ant Kit

    • Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait-25 lb bag
    • (2) 1 lb containers of Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer
    • Valued at $220.10 for $209.95
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  4. Onslaught FastCap

    Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion Insecticide is a fast acting microencapsulated formulation for the control of spiders and scorpions as well as a broad spectrum of other insects. This unique formulation contains Exponent synergist that enhances two other active ingredients : Esfenvalerate, and Prallethrin. Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion Insecticide may be used inside or outside and has a label for food and nonfood areas in commercial structures.

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  5. Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Stopper -12 lbs #33030

    Starting at: $24.95

    Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Stopper (contains Dimension Herbicide) Learn More
  6. Transport Mikron 32 ounce

    Transport Mikron Insecticide by FMC is a highly effective non-repellent.Transport Mikron Insecticide not only kills quickly but has residual protection of 3 months or more due to the combination of two active ingredients. As a non-repellent , the insects do not detect it. Transport Mikron may be used for for termites, bed bugs,ants,crickets and over 30 other pests,including pyrethroid-resistant insects. As an added benefit Transport Mikron's particle size is far smaller than any other insecticide giving it better penetration into cracks and crevices, which is highly advantageous for bed bug control. Learn More

  7. Take Down Soft Bait

    TakeDown Soft Bait is a new soft bait for a fast acting solution when combating severe rodent infestations. TakeDown combines the palatability of a soft bait with bromethalin, (fast acting, non-anticoagulant neurotoxin). Results can be seen in as little at 2-3 days. As a non-anticoagulant, TakeDown attacks the nervous system of the rodent and does not cause internal bleeding. It is ideal for with anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations or as part of a resistance prevention program.

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