Pur-Fill 1G Beige Foam - 750 ml can

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PUR-FILL 1G Foam - 750 ml can (Beige)
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PUR-Fill 1G Foam is a closed cell foam, beige in color. It is dispensed with either the the Pageris foam gun or similar. Each 750ml can holds 12 gallons of foam and can provide up to 1200 linear feet of a 1/2" bead.

Pur-Fill 1G Foam (Beige)

Pur Fil 1 G seals and bonds to seal and to stop the passage of rodents, pests, bats, squirrles, radon, odor, air, gases, water, dust, fiber, and sound. It is a closed cell foam and beige in color. It is a polyurethane and moisture curing foam.

This foam must be used with a foam gun such at the Pur Shooter or Pageris Eco.

Each 750ml can dispenses 12 gallons of foam. One 750 ml can of Pur-Fill 1G foam creates cured foam measuring 2,820 cubic inches. Each can provides up to 1200 linear feet of a 1/2" bead.

Pur-Fill 1G Foam - Features

  • Professional Control
  • Within ten minutes the foam is tack-free; within thirty minutes it is trimmable
  • No cleaning needed
  • Perfect for windows and doors
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Yield Each can provides up to 1200 linear feet of a 1/2" bead.
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How to Use Pur-Fill 1G Foam :

Surface Preparation:

  • Wipe the surface with a rag to remove all dust and debris
  • If lumber is frozen, clean off any ice that is present on the surface
  • In low humidity, mist water into the void which is to be foamed.

PUR 1G Foam Application

  • The can should be between 60-80 degrees F.
  • Shake can well for 30 seconds; thread can to adaptor. Take care not to make it too tight.
  • Purge air and moisture from the gun by pulling the trigger for 5 seconds.
  • The can needs to be in a vertical postion above the gun when foaming.
  • Before foaming, start with a few practice beads. Adjust the set screw on the back of the gun for your needs.
  • Use a layering technique when foaming large cross sections
  • For hard to reach areas, attach a flexible tubing to the end of  the gun.
  • Foaming Around Windows
Retreatment As needed. Exposed to sunlight, this foam will gradually decompose. It is recommended to use a coat of paint to protect the foam.
Shipping Restrictions AK, HI

Can not be shipped by expedited choices, per air regulations.

More Instructions Always keep a can of foam on the gun. If not , this would allow the foam to cure and cause damage to the gun.
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