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Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Boracare dries clear, so adding a little Alligare Super Marking Dye (about 1oz per 3 gallons) or Mark It Blue to the mix will make it easy to see where you have already sprayed. For smaller jobs,  Mark It Blue comes in smaller sizes as well as the larger sizes. I would mix it in a separate container using hot water and then use a pump sprayer. Make sure you only use dye on the wood that you don't mind having a blue tint like in a crawl space or attic areas.  Once you mix Boracare, use it the same day.
If you have just a small area to cover and do not need to use the whole gallon of Boracare, Penashield by Nisus will provide that solution. Boracare will cover an average of 500 square feet, Penashield will cover an average of 200 square feet. Penashield works like Boracare to protect wood against wood destroying insects and organisms.

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Great product
I am using this product for about 16 years to mainly combat termites with great results.
Once the areas are sprayed the termites are gone and do not need another treatment, per my experience.
Review by Dinges / (Posted on 12/30/2019)
Product is worth the cost
So far so good, I south Louisiana , the termites are beginning there nightly swarm and the wood that has been treated with Bora Care has b
Not been touched by the termites
Review by Slim / (Posted on 5/17/2019)
Use it for years. Great product.
Once you spray it, 3 to I mixture, you are done, no more worries.

I use it for 15 years and have been able to control termites 100%.

Review by Pedro / (Posted on 9/7/2018)
Excellent product
Great Product for the price that actually works!
Will be ordering more in the near future.
Review by Todd / (Posted on 2/15/2018)
Excellent product
Excellent product! All of the termites are gone!
Review by Joe / (Posted on 1/25/2018)
Had a hickory tree milled up after having to take it down because beetles killed it. After a lot of research, I settled on boracare to treat all the hickory lumber as part of the stack and sticker process to dry it. It worked great!!!! I ran out of it and had a small separate stack of untreated lumber. When I got more boracare to finish stacking, I inspected both stacks. Absolutely no signs of beetle activity in treated stack. And because it lasts forever, I'll never worry about beetles in my flooring!!
Review by Kitkat / (Posted on 6/26/2017)
Very satisfied.
Cut 2 pine logs this week, infestation completly nonexistence thanks
to BoraCare. Will spray the remaining pine logs this week.
Review by littletimothy / (Posted on 5/17/2015)
Treaty older logs in historic cabin
I find that Bora-care is an easy to use product. Working with warm water I mix 1:1 solutions of water and Bora-Care and brush the product on locations where decay is anticipated or thought to be likely. I am also able to pour or squirt bora-care into checks and holes in the logs to flood area after scraping and blowing them out with compressed air. I recommend that clients follow up with periodic applications of Timbor where the weather will not effect that product.
Review by Logdoc / (Posted on 5/12/2015)
Powderpost Beetles
The only reason I put a 3 star was because I was asked to write a review after one week. Not really enough time to give a good analysis. But so far so good. We have a severe infestation that has became worst over the last few years. NOTHING worked. Even tried a product from Permachink that left a sticky residue on the wall. The following spring the cabin was infested again.
We did a test... one wall with Polyurethane, one with BoraCare and one with nothing.
The Polyurethane is messy, has horrible fumes, and is very tedious! That is out LAST resort.
- - So far the BoraCare is working and NO sticky residue and absolutely no odor. I will post again in a few weeks to give further information...
Review by whooops61 / (Posted on 9/24/2014)
Great product and great advise
In San Jose CA with drywood termites Read mixed reviews on Orange Oil and other methods. Tenting is not an option in this condo unit. .affected area has unpainted side of wood easily accessible in garage area, so job was made much easier. I have used DIY in past and have always appreciated their helpful advise and input., and that led me to BoraCare. Glad I took the advise to use hot water to mix, very helpful. Garden Spayer worked excellent. Thought about brushing, glad I did not do that. The mixture absobed fully into the wood and you can't even tell it's been treated. Only been a few weeks since I've used it, but no indication of active infestation in that area now.
Review by Ken / (Posted on 8/14/2014)

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