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Final in a soft bait form provides a fast acceptance by rodents. It is made of a food matrix of fats and proteins, and works very well with rodents who are use to eating fatting foods.

Final Soft Bait, like it's cousin Final Blox is a single feed bait with Brodifacoum.

Pro Tips

Bell Lab's Final Soft Bait with Lumitrack is going to be a game changer in the rodent control industry. Final Soft Bait should be used in bait stations inside. It can be used outside but depending where you live you could have a mold problem.

Just got word from a long time customer in the poultry industry. Tom said," the mice ate the bait better than any other mice bait he has tried."

*California has placed all second generation anticoagulant rodenticides in a restricted use category. Once Final Soft Bait and Contrac Soft Bait are registered in California, we may sell it to pest control operators only. Other single feed baits (non anticoagulants), such as Top Gun, Fastrac, and Terad3 are available in all states. )

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  1. mice
    Wow! The mice went for this bait better than any other bait I have used
    and I have used a ton. I own an breeder house in PA. Mice are a major concern to us because of the health issue

    Review by Don Farmer

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