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Contrac Blox

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Contrac Blox has been the most consistent rodent bait over the years. Rodents love it, but dogs love it as well, so make sure to use a tamper resistant bait station. If you need recommendations on bait stations, look at the choices below or call us. You can also get Contrac with Lumitrack . Lumitrack, used with a black light reveals rodents droppings when searching in the dark. All of the bait we sell is fresh. Rodents love fresh bait.

California has placed Contrac Blox in a restricted use category. We can not ship Contrac to California without a pest control license. If you are a pest control operator or a certified applicator in California, please call us with your license number. Other single feed baits (non anticoagulants), such as Gladiator, Top Gun, Fastrac, and Terad3 are available in all states.

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Contrac Blox
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Prop65 California Proposition 65 WARNING

Contrac Blox- 18 lbs

Contrac Blox - 18 lbs.

  • Buy 2 for $80.75 each and save 3%
  • Buy 4 for $79.50 each and save 5%
Contrac Blox- 18 lbs

Contrac Blox with Lumitrack - 18 lbs

  • Buy 2 for $91.25 each and save 5%
Contrac Blox- 18 lbs

Contrac Blox Rodent Bait - 4 x 4 lb

  • Buy 2 for $96.50 each and save 3%
Contrac Blox- 18 lbs

Ambush Bait Stations (6) & Contrac Blox (18 lbs)

Contrac Blox- 18 lbs

Contrac Blox City Pack (16-1 lb bags)

  • Buy 2 for $118.50 each and save 2%

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Expensive, but worth every penny
I have used this in the past and am now about to place a new order. I can attest to its efficacy in killing rats! I can also attest to its snackability for dogs. While baiting areas with contrac blox, keep an eagle eye on your dog's poop. If you see that it's coming out a telltale teal color, go to the vet immediately and get vitamin K pills. This rodenticide prevents the body from normal production of that vitamin for the next 30 days or so, which means no ability for blood coagulation until vitamin k starts to be produced again. My dog was fine after a 30 day regimen of vitamin k. The rats . . . not so much. A pest control professional recommended this product to me.
Review by DebM / (Posted on 2/7/2020)
Kills rats dead
Its not as fast as Final Blox, but its effective. Its fine to use if you dont mind it taking 4 days to work. If you need fast, you want final blox.

Otherwise I use it in bait stations around my property, save the final blox for something really bad.
Review by Jeff / (Posted on 1/27/2020)
Worth every penny
Excellent control of mice. We had an increasing amount of sighting and mouse droppings in the house. A pro was paid $200 for 15 minutes of work. He used this product. I ordered this myself since I decided to avoid his $50/ month maintenance fee.

The product worked immediately!
Review by Nate B / (Posted on 1/24/2020)
Contrac bloxs protect my valuables from rodents
Great blood thinner for rodents! It was in the basement that I found the 2 dead mice after putting it out. There’s 2 bait stations in the garage. 1 sets in the engine of my 429ci Ford Mach 1. Baited in the other 2 vehicle engines too. Big bait box with 4 Contrac bloxs behind the house at the 22Kw Generac. Also Contrac blox in a bait box in my gas shed. Great product that is protecting my valuables from rodents causing damage. Highly recommend.
Review by Randythereloader / (Posted on 1/6/2020)
all good
arrived quickly, just as expected. Looks like Contac blocks. Hope the rats like it!
Review by rat-hater / (Posted on 1/6/2020)
This Stuff Works
Been using this in outside bait stations for years. Never been disappointed. With this season's reapplication, there was a noticeable drop in the rodent population. If you don't mind cleaning up the carcasses, this stuff is a relatively painless to use when properly applied.
Review by fnasser1 / (Posted on 1/6/2020)
Contrac Blox are the best product on the market
Phenomenal commercial product a must have to get rid of mouse infestations! Do not waste your money on mouse traps!
Review by El Jefe' / (Posted on 1/3/2020)
My first post
Nice if we could get it in a smaller container. Like under ten pounds or even five pounds.
Review by Zen / (Posted on 12/24/2019)
simply the best in the nation
the only one we use nothing else...bye bye rats....highly recommended
Review by rei3208 / (Posted on 12/21/2019)
It Works
Contrac Blox works at holding back the rat population near my house and workshop in a rural wooded area. Would recommend there use with the proper tamper resistant dispensers. I use four dispensers around my house and three around my shop.
Review by Van / (Posted on 11/12/2019)

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