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D-Fense SC Insecticide

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "We sell more D-Fense SC than any other insecticide. It's good for inside and out, it's odorless and economical. One application every 3 months is the norm for this product. D-Fense SC will not work well on German roaches. Use a roach bait called Vendetta Roach Bait or Invict Gold Roach Bait, instead."

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D-Fense SC Insecticide
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Defense SC -PT and Gallon

D-Fense SC Insecticide - Pt

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Defense SC -PT and Gallon

D-Fense SC Insecticide - Gallon

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Defense SC -PT and Gallon

D-Fense SC (Pt) + B&G 10PV Dura Spray 1 Gallon Sprayer Kit


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Defense for Spider Control on the Lake
I use the D-Fense SC for mostly spider control on the outside of the home on a lake front lot. Upon initial application, Defense knocks down everything extremely well (100%) and maintains well for the first week. Second week, very minor spider activity is noticed (5-10%), 3td week start seeing 15%-20% activity and must retreat. I can easily maintain a 3 week treatment interval with the product for spiders.

Generally I use a different treatment for mosquitos, but this last time as a test I only used D-Fense for both. It kills mosquitos well the first week with minor activity seen toward the end of the second week. By the beginning of the 3td week, mosquito activity is starting to be annoying and retreatment is needed. I was hoping to get 3 weeks between treatments, but best results are seen treating in 2 week intervals with this product if using for mosquitos.
Review by RedRaider113 / (Posted on 7/3/2019)
Great product.. Bad hand sprayer..
I recently purchased this product along with the B&G hand sprayer.. Defence-SC gets the job done by ELIMINATING my concerns (ants & roaches) in an instant! Unfortunately, the hand sprayer wand broke I, still managed to treat the infested areas around my house.
Review by Ricos211 / (Posted on 6/4/2019)
Excellent product
I have used D-Fense SC Insecticide for a number of years and it has been outstanding and I do not hesitate in recommending it.
Review by bill0246 / (Posted on 5/17/2019)
Don’t hesitate to buy it really works!
This stuff is the best! No more lady bugs!!! Sprayed around the perimeter of the house, around windows, all interior baseboard and the basement. Omg it’s a miracle. Thanks!!
Review by Sally / (Posted on 4/22/2019)
Beyond expectations
This product, and company, is 5 star. This is the third different product I have purchased from them to combat different insect infestations here in east TN., and all have eliminated the problems. I had almost given up fighting the Asian Ladybug problem in my home as the only solution I found on the net basically said to vacuum them up. When I found this product I waited for the first sunny and warm day and sprayed all the window frames and in between the windows and screens from the inside. Shortly thereafter, I started seeing dead ladybugs. I actually timed them, and from first contact to belly up was about 15 minutes. This is a great company, prices are fantastic, and all their products work as advertised.
Review by Bob L / (Posted on 2/28/2019)
D-Fence SC Insecticide
Very good product!! I used it to kill ladybugs and it is doing the trick! I spayed outside of the house and we're picking up dead ones, in the house all of the time. It is so much better!! We don't have live ladybugs crawling around the house now!!
Review by SHEILA / (Posted on 1/10/2019)
Great job.
Sprayed house couple of weeks ago and done a great job. Very pleased with product.
Review by Mary / (Posted on 10/18/2018)
No more spiders
We were Absolutely infested with spiders after a couple of treatments with this I am glad to say no more spiders the stuff does the trick really works
Review by Dave / (Posted on 10/1/2018)
Excellent product!
Very surprised this product worked as well as it did. I was battling stink bugs invading my home more and more every year. I sprayed one time with a heavy dose of this stuff around the entire exterior of my house and went from 20 stink bugs in my bedroom the night before, down to 2 stink bugs after 1 treatment. That was 2 weeks ago and now i have only comes across 2 bugs since then. Very pleased with this product!! Such a life saver! I plan on using it again this spring.
Review by Michelle / (Posted on 10/1/2018)
Excellent product
I have been using this product for years. It takes care of lady bugs, roaches, bed bugs, spiders and all insects in-doors and out-doors.
Review by Becky / (Posted on 8/14/2018)

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