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InVict Gold Cockroach Gel

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Put pea size drops of Invict Gold Roach Bait where ever you see their fecal material (looks like pepper). Remember to check under the silverware drawers. A flashlight is a must for inspection. Using an insect growth regulator like Gentrol Point Source (found in the kit) will increase success. For hard to reach places, there is a product called Avert Dry Flowable that is a dry bait to go behind areas where you can not get a gel. After application process, wait one month and clean out the cabinets with Sterifab to sanitize the area."

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InVict Gold Cockroach Gel
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Invict Roach Bait Gel

InVict Gold Roach Gel - 1 Syringe (35g)

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Invict Roach Bait Gel

InVict Gold Roach Gel - 1 Box (4 Syringes x 35g)

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Invict Roach Bait Gel

InVict Gold Roach Bait Kit

Invict Roach Bait Gel

InVict Gold Roach Gel - 300g Syringe (Requires Caulking Gun)

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Worked, but slowly
We purchased this product to deal with a really bad roach infestation at the house we just started renting a month and a half ago. It was so bad that the roaches were crawling on our furniture in the middle of the day. We used this product as directed, and have seen many dead or dying roaches since then. However, the decrease in their populations was not as dramatic as some of the other reviewers on this website have seen, and it was a few days before we saw more than one or two carcasses. I don't know if we did something wrong, or if conditions were just such that the roaches were not as drawn to the bait. Who knows. Currently, a month and a half later, our problem is much better, though I am not yet confident that the beasts have been completely eradicated. We still see new dead ones every few days, and a live one will scurry across the floor or kitchen counter unpredictably once or twice a week. We do have a crawl space under our house (which was built in the 50s or 60s), so perhaps a newer home without a crawl space would see better results.
Review by Karen / (Posted on 10/8/2017)
Great product
GreAt product. The first night I put it in cracks of walls and under the stove, I found roaches the next day dead.
Review by Nell / (Posted on 10/2/2017)
This stuff WORKS!!!!
Saw results in less than 48 hours. System has been in place for just over 2 weeks and today I saw the first and only nymph since 4 days after treatment.

I HIGHLY recommend this package.
Review by Blacksmith / (Posted on 8/10/2017)
It works!
After moving into a new apartment (to me, the bldg is about 50 years old) I discovered there an infestation of German cockroaches. I would wake up in the middle of the night and find dozens of them scampering when I turned on the lights. They were in the kitchen and bathroom. I talked to my neighbor and discovered this is an ongoing problem for the residents here. The roaches just go from apartment to apartment even though the manager sprays the units once a month. I didn't want him spraying in my apartment because I have Pugs.

At first I tried Diatomaceous Earth, kept the place immaculate, dried off sinks, and plugged drains all to no avail. So I did some research and came upon the Invict Gold Roach Kit and ordered it. It arrived within days, ahead of schedule.

The day after I put the bait out, as per the instructions, I started finding dead cockroaches on my countertops, floor and bathroom. It took me about a week later before I sprayed the Tekko Pro IGR because I didn't have a spray bottle, but once I did it took only about a week and I haven't seen one single cockroach. They have completely disappeared from my apartment and I still have plenty of product left over in case they ever show up again. Yippee! So glad I decided to give this a try.
Review by Jack / (Posted on 8/9/2017)
I have used many things to rid us of our roach problem..but this is the best stuff i have ever used! it is awesome! i have never seen anything like it...thank you!
Review by lisa / (Posted on 8/9/2017)
Love this product
I absolutely love this product. Easy to use. Cheap. And it really works
Review by Joce / (Posted on 8/7/2017)
works fast
great product
Review by kps / (Posted on 8/7/2017)
Gel Right Stuff
Put the Gel in folder wax paper as suggested and placed throughout the kitchen. In a few days didn't see roaches anymore. Does what the literature says. Good product.
Review by taelcs / (Posted on 7/24/2017)
The absolute best
OMG! This works like a dream! Saw 1 roach and ordered this but I ordered the invict gold kit that comes with a IGR. Works wonders. You will see results the next morning.
Review by Arlene / (Posted on 6/30/2017)
It's a life saver but it dries too quickly
My building management doesn't take care of cockroaches very well so I end up finding one or 2 walking around inside my place every now and then. This, together with the gentian control traps, has been my go-to life-saver product for years. Since I started using it the sightings became much less frequent and very often I just found them dead or almost-dead, which feels much better than seeing them running around in perfect health!

It would have been a 5 start review if it didn't dry that quickly. I honestly end up putting it every 2 weeks, and that's more than I'd like to. Anyway it works!
Review by Stefano / (Posted on 5/13/2017)

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