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Delta Dust

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Have you looked at the active ingredient in D-Fense Dust ? It's the same as Delta Dust and the price is much better !"

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Delta Dust
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Delta Dust 1 lb

Delta Dust -1 lb.

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Delta Dust 1 lb

Delta Dust Dust - 5 lbs.

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Delta Dust 1 lb

Delta Dust 1 lb.+ Bellow Duster


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It works!
The delta dust bundle ended our carpenter bee infestation in under 3 days, this literally saved our siding and facia. We couldn’t be happier.
Review by Matt C / (Posted on 5/30/2020)
Thank God for your product, we had carpenter beees really bad, used Delta dust and in two weeks they was gone. Thank you!!!
Review by Denise / (Posted on 4/20/2020)
Great Product
Worked great on wasp infestation.
Review by J / (Posted on 4/4/2020)
Great Product
When we would mow our front yard, the hornets would start coming out of the ground. I used your product and they were gone in 2 days!
Thank You
Bonnie G
Review by Bonnie / (Posted on 11/12/2019)
Works great
They work great. Super diy application
Though, I needed to stay on top of new holes, I finally got the upper hand. The dust and applicator work nicely. I would recommend it to any diy’er.
Review by P / (Posted on 5/17/2019)
No more white-footed ants
First time buyer, great price and super fast shipping. Had an infestation of white-footed ants inside the walls of our kitchen and island. Dusted behind the outlets and and got the job done, would highly recommend for inside walls.
Review by Wil / (Posted on 3/25/2019)
Kills any insect that gets in contact with it..great product
Review by Random Guy / (Posted on 11/26/2018)
ants gone
Had a big problem with flying ants in my apt after the hurricane . I traced them to some small holes around outlet covers . I removed the switch plates shot down some Delta Dust fixed the small openings . Have not seen an ant since.
Review by Dave / (Posted on 10/9/2017)
Excellent product,.. effective!
Had a problem with an army of tiny ants coming up the inside of walls from under the house every spring. Tried everything,.. with some success, but next year they were back by the thousands.
Found Delta Dust,... took two years to get them all, but now for the last two years NO ANTS in my kitchen! Getting up in the morning and dealing with invading ants in the sink and on the walls, trying to get to the cupboards was such a drag,... glad that was resolved.
A great product and a great company to deal with! Thanks!!
Review by killer of ants / (Posted on 7/5/2017)
Great product
Great product, worked very well on getting rid of yellow jack wasp in air conditioner.
Review by Mia / (Posted on 4/28/2017)

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