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Bifen IT Insecticide

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Many customers use Bifen IT for mosquito control in their backyards. Mosquitoes feed on plant juices. You find them on the leaves of plants, bushes, and trees. Try to spray the underside of the leaves. Remember that Bifen IT is non-selective and will kill the good guys such as bees and butterflies so avoid spraying any flowering parts because that is where the bees go. We need to save the bees!!! The 3/4 gal size is the best value, but consider the one gal container because it has a tip and measurement device. The tip and measure makes life easier when mixing."

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Bifen IT Insecticide
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Bifen IT group

Bifen IT - 4oz (Tip & Measure)

Bifen IT group

Bifen IT - Pint (Tip & Measure)

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Bifen IT group

Bifen IT - Quart (Tip & Measure)

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Bifen IT group

Bifen IT - 3/4 Gallon (F style bottle)

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Bifen IT group

Bifen IT - One Gallon (Tip & Measure)

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Bifen IT group

Bifen IT - Quart + 1 Gallon Chapin Lawn and Garden Pump Sprayer


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Great stuff!
man i been using it for a bunch of years. 1st bought it to treat for termites in wood shavings @ the flowers against the house. no more termites. label says kills spiders, crickets, roaches ants etc... i spray it in basement and it works. i also spray my yard out here in the country to keep down the fleas and ticks. we got 4 dogs and it works. i even spray it on my wifes rose bushes to kill them stupid japanesse beatles. man, it works!
Review by bowhunter / (Posted on 1/31/2013)
Great Product and Price!!!
This is a GREAT product to kill every insect in and around your home or outside. We have had terrible spider and grasshopper infestations this year. This will kill quickly and appears to have good residual effect. Do-It-Yourself Pest Control is a wonderful company to deal with and the price on the3\4 gallon is unbeievable. Thanks so much.
Review by Mitch / (Posted on 1/31/2013)
Have Used It 3 Years Now
I was surfing the net for something to get rid of scorpions and muddobber wasps and found it here at do it yourself pest control. I have used it for three years now and it takes care of wasps, spiders, scorpions, fleas, ticks, etc. all of which I have living in the country. I usually apply it a couple of times a summer and it is great.
Review by Musicman / (Posted on 1/31/2013)
Excellent Product!
Last year I used Bifen IT to treat my lawn for subterranean ‘whatnots’ eating the roots off my grass. Had big brown patches in the grass. Maybe Cinch bugs and Mole Crickets combined. Followed directions and treated 3 times for egg/hatch cycle. Grass now looks great! These treatments also got rid of Fire Ants for a long time even though my neighbor’s lawn is invested with Fire Ants, the ants have not come back! I treated my dog owning neighbor’s lawn and cleared it of ticks. Super product, I'm buying more this year. Easy to apply with water hose and Ortho water hose sprayer.
Review by Ward / (Posted on 1/31/2013)
Great Product that works
I was having a major Mosquito, Spider and insect issue at my new home, and a co worker told me about Bifen IT. I ordered the 4 3/4 gals. and the day I received I sprayed the entire outside of house and yard. During spraying I didn't have one Mosquito bite me and before I counldn't even go in my yard without Mosquito spray on. It has been 6 weeks and still no mosquitos or any type of ant or insect in my yard. My neighbow across the street was swarmed by flying termites one evening and he said to me I don't see them at your place and i told him about Bifen IT and actually gave him some to try and they were gone as soon as he sprayed, I was raised on a farm in the country and have never found a product as good as this. Insects, ant, flies, termites, Mosquitos ALL GONE.
Review by Johnboy / (Posted on 1/31/2013)

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