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Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "When using Maxforce Complete Granular bait for ant control, place some in the trails on a picture perfect day. Or, I like to say picnic weather is a perfect time to use ant baits."

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Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait
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Prop65 California Proposition 65 WARNING

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait - 8  oz

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait - 8 oz

  • Buy 2 for $17.90 each and save 13%
Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait - 8  oz

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait - 4 lbs

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Good Product
Use this outside around house structure. Has reduced insects and ants considerably. I refresh on a monthly basis.
Review by John / (Posted on 7/6/2020)
So Far working Great
Kenneth at Do It Yoursel Pest Control Recommended this product, he was very knowledgable and very helpful! I highly recommend this place!
Review by Happy / (Posted on 4/21/2020)
We have been using this product for years. The best thing for ants ever!
We have been using this product for years. The best thing for ants ever!
Review by Cyn / (Posted on 11/11/2019)
Works great
I've used this before and I will use again. It works great.
Review by Tasmaniac / (Posted on 9/7/2018)
I've used this over the past several years as needed. Sprinkling around the ant hills has worked every time. I buy it in the 8 oz. container.
Review by Mick / (Posted on 7/18/2018)
Great Product
This is a wonderful product. I am no expert in pest control, and I find the label is quite complicated to comprehend, but all I know is to sprinkle the bait in the area where you see ants etc. Usually, there are ant trails in the kitchen area but now it is almost possible to see even a single ant. I love this product indeed.
Review by Hafiz Husairi / (Posted on 12/5/2017)
Love the product
The MaxForce Granular worked instantly with my ant issues. I love it!
Review by Ken / (Posted on 6/7/2017)
Very effective
This has been the worst ant year we've had in awhile. With pets I can't sprinkle any poison in the yard, but I used Maxforce to address the ants as they came into the house--putting it out using Bait Plate Insect Bait Stations. I moved the bait station to wherever the ants showed up in the house, and each time I'd almost immediately see the ants jump on the bait and carry it off. Within a week, the ants would get smaller and smaller, fewer and fewer, and then finally disappear. Still dealing with one last stubborn group, but I've gone from seeing hundreds of ants to just a few on any given day, and I'm not seeing any ants around the foundation either. A small container goes a long way. I've shared with my neighbors.
Review by KC / (Posted on 9/7/2016)
Not sure
Doesn't seem to be doing anything. At least I can't visually tell that it is being eaten.
Review by Derek / (Posted on 4/20/2016)
Not the greatest
I had purchased this to take care of an ever growing ant problem in my house and in my yard. I live in San Diego where ants are a problem all year around in many parts, bringing black widows and destroying the garden, not to mention not very pleasant having them crawling around the kitchen.

I had hoped this would satisfy their protein and sweet cycles, but I have not seen a single ant attracted to this. I have had it out for over a month now with no change. I tired the ants in the house and the ants in the garden, they seem to treat it like debris to avoid. Not once have I seen them attracted to it, or carrying it, or looking in its general direction.

These are not red ants, these are smaller (not pharaoh small) ants. I don't know my ant classifications all that well, but they appear to be your run of the mill ant. I was excited to buy this based on other's reviews and unfortunately purchased the larger quantity, if you are curious to try it, start small would be my advice. Or better yet, try another product. Now I have 4 pounds of useless poison lingering in my garage.
Review by Zel / (Posted on 10/27/2015)

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