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Drione Dust

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "If you need a quick kill and good long term kill this is a great product. If the quick kill is not that important get the Cimexa dust. It is more economical."

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Drione Dust
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Drione Dust - 1 lb

Drione Dust - 1 lb

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Drione Dust - 1 lb

Drione Dust - 7 lb

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Drione Dust - 1 lb

Drione Dust 1 lb + JT Eaton Bellow Duster

Drione Dust - 1 lb

Drione Dust 1 lb + B&G 1150 Bulb Duster


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Apply dust in crevices and behind outlets, then you're protected
I moved into a house that had bed bugs. Saw them upstairs. Stayed downstairs while I applied drione dust to every crevice... remember to apply in cracks and behind all outlets... once the dust is applied, as long as it doesnt get wet, you have long term protection and wont need to reapply ... long story short, never saw another bed bug and it's going on a year now. I've used other dusts with 5 star reviews in other situations I've seen... my family owns various rental properties so we've had our fair share of bed bug battles...
Review by Bed Bug Killer / (Posted on 3/28/2019)
Excellent service and price... excellent product
I have been using this product in my barn and around the house for all types of insects, and it's highly effective for bees and wasps.
You will not find a better product or a better price.
Review by Drion Dust / (Posted on 5/29/2018)
no more bees
Drione dust worked amazingly. I had an aggressive bees nest in railroad ties in a retaining wall so I could not get to the hive. The entrance to the hive was as active as JFK airport so I could see exactly where they were coming and going from.

I waited until nighttime when there was no activity, sprayed some drione around the entrance with the bulb duster and next morning.. no more bees. It's been 2 weeks and I haven't seen 1 bee there.

A few days later I saw a wasp poking around my shed. I don't worry about them anymore since I know if they do make a hive I now have the tools to get rid of them. Great Product!

My only criticism is with the bulb duster, very little control of spraying so it did make a good plume of dust coming out. Maybe it was just me thought. Nevertheless, I used a dust mask and gloves and would recommend the same if you don't want to be breathing this stuff in.
Review by Al / (Posted on 10/9/2017)
Wiped them out in one application
Hornets nest inside of chimney bricks. Tried many different sprays to no avail because we could not reach the nest. Brother in law told me to go on line and get Drione dust. Dusted the space between the bricks that they were flying in and out of and could not believe that the next morning NOTHING flew in or out.
Had another area in some landscape timbers by our firepit and again they were no problem after only one application
Review by Dzia Dzia Mike / (Posted on 9/5/2017)
We always have Drione on hand for wasps and yellow jackets. No matter where they build, under a shutter, in the ceiling, in an exterior wall, in the ground, paper wasp in trees, anywhere, you puff their nest or opening and they are literally finished. If you puff during the day, which we rarely do, the defending wasps flying back to the nest get 6-7" away from the nest and are like "nevermind, I'm out" and they never come back. No angry, wet bees chasing you or anything. Love this stuff. It's all you need.
Review by Judi / (Posted on 8/30/2017)
The powder is super fine & pumps out of end of long straw like tip while pumping rubber bottle a bunch. Can clog but I swiftly hit it to loosen up. Works well.
We had a yellow jacket nest in between the outside wall & bathroom. The duster helped get rid of the problem easier than trying to spray foam in the exterior hole.
Review by Hawk / (Posted on 8/20/2017)
The Best for all around bug killing and bee and flea get rider.
I worked for the big T for years. Great for hunting carpenter ants. Flushes out them German roaches.Really nails them Carpenter bees .
Review by duke / (Posted on 11/19/2016)
Carpenter Ants
Used Drione on a massive Carpenter Ant infestation in my home. I drilled close to 50 1/4" holes in the wall of my living room and in my attic and shot the dust in the holes. The infestation was so bad you could hear the ants in the wall in the evening. That was 3 years ago. I haven't seen a carpenter ant in my house since. Im back now to purchase more for the pesky Yellow Jackets.
Review by Steve / (Posted on 6/22/2016)
Drione 1 - Bees 0
Drione took care of my Carpenter bee problem. Worth every penny.

It's nice to not have those pesky buggers dive bombing me when I approach my house. Not to mention drilling holes in my front porch.

They started it. Drione finished it!
Review by Mike / (Posted on 5/19/2016)
Highly recommend for ants…. Great product
Review by M / (Posted on 1/19/2016)

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