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Cyzmic CS Insecticide

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Cyzmic CS Insecticide has an active ingredient that has been the workhorse of the pest control industry for over 10 years. I like it for controlling the insects that enter from the outside. I don't suggest Cyzmic CS for ants or german roaches. Cyzmic CS is comparable to Demand CS but less expensive. You can pick up a really good sprayer for about 20 bucks if you get the Cyzmic -Sprayer Combo


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Cyzmic CS Insecticide
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Cyzmic CS Insecticide

Cyzmic CS - 8 oz.

Cyzmic CS Insecticide

Cyzmic CS - 32 oz.

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Cyzmic CS Insecticide

Cyzmic CS 8 oz + B&G 10PV Dura Spray 1 Gallon Sprayer Kit

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Last a long time
Sprayed this back in march and it's still working against earwigs. Haven't seen one in a long time.
Review by Nick L / (Posted on 8/2/2013)
The only good bug is a dead bug
Had bugs & spiders. Sprayed this (mixed with water of course) around the house and I haven't seen a bug or spider in the house in over a year. Definitely recommend this stuff. Magic? Don't care.
Review by Albino Meatpod / (Posted on 8/16/2012)
will not work for saw-tailed flies
Sprayed, sprayed and sprayed again: no effect on these saw tailed flies.
Review by light leroy / (Posted on 8/7/2012)
No More commercial Pest Control
I was paying $35 each month for pest control ($420 per year) and still seeing roaches between spraying. I fired the commercial guys and started doing it myself. It now only costs me about $3.00 per month (saving $384 per year) and there are NO bugs. I highly recommend Cyzmic CS.
Review by Saving Big $$ / (Posted on 7/2/2012)
Good product
Use it instead of commercial pest services. Works great. I apply monthly to the outside of the house, and quarterly spot treatment on the inside. No bugs!
Review by Joe Birmingham / (Posted on 5/4/2012)
Awsome product
I have seen great results from this insecticide. Spiders do not stand a chance. I highly recommend it!!
Review by Exterminator / (Posted on 3/26/2012)
Recommened it to local friends
We bought this product because we had bed bugs and it worked after two applications. We told a friend about it, he asked us to order it for him because he had fleas and he said it worked. Two other friend's have asked us to order it for them after. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!
Review by Abigail / (Posted on 3/16/2012)
Pretty good against most bugs
I live in the south so we get a lot of random bugs coming in the house for most of the year except winter. I started spraying this stuff around the outside walls and underneath the sink in my kitchen. Since doing that for a few seasons I've only seen a few spiders and some occasional roaches. All other bugs have disappeared. This is my second bottle. Hope it continues to work like it did last year.
Review by Jeff / (Posted on 3/7/2012)
I would suggest Cyamic CS again to anyone
I would suggest Cyamic CS again to anyone. I had tried an Ortho product a couple of years ago, that I mixed with water and sprayed my house for Lady Bugs and it didn't touch them. I read somewhere that you have to spray in the fall for lady bugs, so that is what I did. I sprayed the Ortho last October...still had them coming in all over the place. It drove us crazy.I had to vacuum all day long. This time I used Cyzmic CS last fall...what a difference! No more beetles!. It also took care of my spiders and roaches..great product. They were very helpful on the phone , I will use this company again.
Elizabeth Review by Liz / (Posted on 3/2/2012)
Great Stuff
Very effective for eliminating Stink Bugs. Easy to use. Long lasting. Once applied treatment is good for about 3 months. Has a long (2 yr) shelf life once mixed. Works inside and out. Review by Keith / (Posted on 2/15/2012)

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