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Cyzmic CS Insecticide

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Cyzmic CS Insecticide has an active ingredient that has been the workhorse of the pest control industry for over 10 years. I like it for controlling the insects that enter from the outside. I don't suggest Cyzmic CS for ants or german roaches. Cyzmic CS is comparable to Demand CS but less expensive. You can pick up a really good sprayer for about 20 bucks if you get the Cyzmic -Sprayer Combo


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Cyzmic CS Insecticide
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Cyzmic CS Insecticide

Cyzmic CS - 8 oz.

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Cyzmic CS Insecticide

Cyzmic CS - 32 oz.

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Surprisingly this stuff works well
My girlfriend and I just purchased a house in the high desert. When we moved in we were killing anywhere between 1-3 huge wolf spiders each day on top of countless beetles and other types of bugs. We were going crazy because we had to inspect everything in the house before we could touch it. I bought an 8 oz bottle of Cyzmic CS to try it and upon spraying it I have not seen a single wolf spider in over a month and are now getting small spiders every so often inside. We now have to clean up dead bodies of not only spiders but cockroaches, beetles, flys, and so many more. I was surprised that this stuff actually worked because I did not believe the reviews. We just noticed a huge anthill today with hundreds of large black ants, and after we sprayed it took roughly five mins and we noticed there were so many dead bodies in our lawn. After seeing how this stuff works, and upon running out I decided to purchase the 32oz with no hesitation. This stuff actually makes me feel comfortable in my own house again without having to worry about a large wolf spider climbing across my couch while I am sitting there (yes, that actually happened).
Review by New Homeowner / (Posted on 7/15/2020)
Did what I bought it for.
Just built a new raised back deck and wanted to keep the carpenter bees away before I could stain/seal it. The bees were flying around the new wood, probably going over the menu. Anyway, I ordered this, followed the directions exactly for carpenter bees, and they, quite literally, instantly went away. I was swatting four or five bees a day with a tennis racket both before I rebuilt the deck and after. Haven't seen them back since! I sprayed about two months ago and still haven't seen any. I was so impressed that I also sprayed the front porch as well. There was already several bee holes in the wood, so I just sprayed the inside of the holes and all over the porch. I swear, I haven't seen a single carpenter bee since. Anywhere. I used the product on those stupid little black ants (sugar ants, I believe), and that killed them as well. Sometimes not on contact, but once they're hit, they die. It doesn't prevent them from coming back, as I had hoped it would, but I bought this for carpenter bees, not ants.
Review by Michael / (Posted on 7/6/2020)
Excellent results
I bought this for bees boring in my painted shop. I realized when I received it that it was a wonder chemical. I don’t think there is a bug that I know of not listed on the stuff. I have had excellent results with it. I have recommended it to all my family n friends. The only thing the rain washes it off and you will have to reapply after a big rain outside. It’s that way with all chemicals though if not having oil or something making them waterproof. I highly recommend this product.
Review by Boogtn / (Posted on 5/30/2020)
Fly control
House flys swarmed west side of building on warm sunny days. Thousands of flys would congregate on anything light colored. I sprayed a heavy coat of cyzmic cs on all light colored surfaces. Flys immediately left and never came back. This stuff is truly great!
Review by dan / (Posted on 5/6/2020)
You won't be disappointed
I was beginning to have a pretty bad infestation of Carpenter bees and this product took care of the entire problem. I was also paying for pest control until I realized the various applications this product can be used for. Now I doy own spraying once a quarter and save myself hundreds of dollars a year.
Review by Oz / (Posted on 5/6/2020)
It kills carpenter bees, but not so much on repelling them
It will kill carpenter bees, but it did not repel them as I had hoped. I sprayed all the rafters under my patio roof. Several fell dead on the floor, but I did notice some coming back over the next several days looking for their holes a plugged.
Review by Lonnie / (Posted on 4/19/2020)
I got this for carpenter bees and it worked with 1 use. I sprayed around house a second time for other insects. I highly recommend this product.
Review by Deni / (Posted on 4/3/2020)
Good Stuff
I have used this product for the past few years and am still amazed at how well it works . I also like the fast delivery and the low prices . Thank you !!
Review by tommy / (Posted on 1/6/2020)
Seems to work very well, I’ll see if it continues this spring
I’ve used it twice, I spray every 24 days, went from seeing 1-3 roaches a day or so, to only one in last 40 days
Review by Will / (Posted on 1/6/2020)
Good product
I used Cyzmic to spray a friend's house that had a major spider infestation. Spiders and webs everywhere, looked like Halloween. The old house had never been sprayed. I gave the exterior a triple treatment, and the interior a single treatment. Visited six months later. Significant difference. I located a few webs, but did not see any spiders. Much improved. I gave the exterior another single treatment. Will probably take several applications, but this product clearly works.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 1/4/2020)

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