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Demon WP Insecticide

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Demon WP packs are easy to use, just mix them into water. Mix well in your sprayer, and use the finished solution within a couple of days. Demon was a good German Roach killer, but they seem resistant to it now. Gel and powder baits are the best choices for the German Roach.

Cyper WSP ( packets) have the same label as Demon WP but are more economical. Both Demon WP and Cyper WSP are classified as a long-term residual insecticides.

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Demon WP Insecticide
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Prop65 California Proposition 65 WARNING

Demon  WP - Envelopes

Demon WP - 1 Envelope - (4 x 0.3 oz) packets

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Demon  WP - Envelopes

Demon WP - 2 Envelopes - (8 x 0.3 oz) packets + B&G Dura 10 PV 1 Gallon Sprayer


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Very satisfied!
Great product! It even kills pesky ants in mounds around the yard! Ordering is easy and reliable. Customer service is excellent for questions regarding products. Also great for spraying around your porch for wasps. It continues to work for months. Wasps don't go near an area that has been sprayed, and if they land on that area, they soon die.
Review by The Terminator / (Posted on 10/9/2015)
used it once 2 years ago and now....
used this stuff once 2 years ago for a infestation of roaches. I also combined it with a IGR and a gel bait. Well now it is 2 years after and I have not seen a bug in FOREVER....well we are about to move so I had to order some more for the new house just in case. Great product and I am just ready for my next shipment.
Review by erica / (Posted on 9/17/2015)
have used for years always woks great
Review by art / (Posted on 8/8/2015)
Texas Cricket Massacre
Infestation of small crickets in vacant lot next to my business; they were invading nightly causing havoc to my customers. Sprayed a 1 foot band on a curb between me and the vacant lot and next morning there was a carpet of dead crickets measuring 10 ft x 40 ft. Residual effect kept killing and now no cricket problem. Demon- aptly named- and thank you!
Review by Buck / (Posted on 7/29/2015)
Great item
Well went on to doing my second treatment of Demon WP. This product is by far really effective. First started with the two packets in one gallon. I had a scorpion proplem in my new home. These things were just about everywhere. Ever since my first treatment i have yet to see one! I've went around doing the second treatment and its once again great! I does leave a white residue behind so becareful of furniture or items you don't want sprayed!!! All in all well worth it!
Review by Rene / (Posted on 7/8/2015)
cost effective beneficial insecticide
Very useful comprehensive insecticide for indoor and outdoor use. Long lasting effect indoors. Particularly effective against roaches.
Review by Summary / (Posted on 7/4/2015)
We've been using Demon WP for all of our bug problems both in the South and now the Midwest. We've been using it for well over ten years. It is the best out there! If you are like me, I don't like to see bugs in my house, use this product. No need to pay for pest control services when you can do it yourself. And it works much better and lasts longer than what they use.
Review by Lee Ann / (Posted on 6/30/2015)
Excellent and Easy
Demon WP was just what the doctor ordered! Have not seen a scorpion since we sprayed. Thanks so much.
Review by WOW / (Posted on 6/27/2015)
Excellent product
Over the past 17 years we have been fighting box elder bugs and Asian lady beetles among a variety of other random insects that like to frequent our 145 year old home. Last year a colony of carpenter ants took up residence in a 200+ yr old maple tree and soon expanded to other trees and our home. We have tried everything to win this insect battle and after ordering and applying Demon WP we only saw one bee in our attic window. We consider this a miracle, if we had only known about Demon years ago it would have saved us many hours of grief and a lot of wasted money. Thank you.
Review by Kathleen / (Posted on 6/8/2015)
demon wp A+
long story short
we decided to move north to western maine .
after moving in we had a problem with those Japanese lady bugs
and also cluster flies, went to the box stores we bought and tried several things which to be honest had no affect.
after doing some research online we decided to buy demon wp.
all I can say is incredible! those Japanese lady bugs are no longer
and cluster flies is reduced 90% this stuff really works when applied
as directed. I sprayed around the foundation, all my eves and around the roof line.
worth every penny in my book great product.
Review by turbocoupe / (Posted on 5/11/2015)

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