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SureGuard Herbicide

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "SureGuard can sterilize the soil so that nothing will grow there for up to 8 months! It's great for gravel driveways, paths, and other areas that need to be kept vegetation-free."

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SureGuard Herbicide
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Sureguard Herbicide- 5 lbs

SureGuard Herbicide - 5 lb


Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

2 Item(s)

Great Product
I use this product with roundup as an added measure. It does help ensure landscape beds stay weed free as a preventive measure. It may seem costly until you start adding up the hours it takes to manually remove weeds rather than just control them chemically. Well worth the investment!
Review by Mike - Yardmaster / (Posted on 8/12/2016)
Superior pre-emergent weed control. Very economical
This is my 2nd purchase of SureGuard. This product has saved me so much labor in weed control around my home and gravel walkways/driveway. Before I made my first purchase, I debated long and hard before I popped the $$ to buy a "measly" pound of SureGuard. Now that I have used it, together with QuikPro glyphosate, I can say that this is one "killer" combo. I've used the combo for general weeds in an overgrown gravel parking area where I don't want weeds growing back over the Summer, and I've also used to knock down a rather huge invasive wild strawberry ground cover area. It worked splendidly in both places. For the money, you get 1 Lb (=454 grams) of active ingredient. For most applications, you only need 3-5 grams/gallon. That works out to ~100-150 Gallons of spray-ready product per pound. When I use it together with QuikPro, 1Lb of SureGuard is enough to pair up with TWO 6.8 Lb jugs of QuikPro glyphosate. That's pretty economical and very effective. Out here in the Pacific NW, I’ve got my routine weed control down to using SureGuard plus QuikPro in early Feb-Mar, and then a touch up with SureGuard alone in September. Weed picking?...not much! The folks at DIY are the greatest. I had fallen off their wagon when I accidentally ordered from a sound-alike awhile back, but I’m now back on board!

Review by ceebee / (Posted on 9/15/2015)

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