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Sector Misting Concentrate with two powerful active ingredients, Permethrin and PBO provides a quick kill and a residual control of tough flying insects such as flies, gnats, biting midges, no-see-ums and mosquitoes. Sector Misting Concentrate is a water based polymeric surfactant system that is stable in solution. It will not harm most ornamental plants; safe to use in landscape areas and lawns.

Sector's Uses and Application

Sector may be used in automatic misting systems, outdoor premise spray, surface spray on animals and animal premises, and indoors as a surface spray in non-food areas.

Method of application includes, automatic misting systems, compressed air sprayers, ULV cold foggers and power sprayers.

Pro Tips
This is the name brand that professionals use, but check out Mosquito Mist Ultra. It is twice the concentrate (you use 1/2 as much) for about the same cost.
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  1. Excellent Product!!
    We just moved into a home that backs up to a cow & bison farm pasture. We noticed several thousand flies that would show up in our backyard daily. They gather on the fence and deck railings to sun dry their wings. I read about this Sector concentrate and decided to give it a try. What a miracle!! Mixed it in a sprayer per directions and sprayed directly on railings, siding, outdoor furniture, where ever they would be and over a couple of weeks have noticed almost all have stopped coming into our yard!! Been spraying daily and will continue but looks like it is working to keep them away. Fantastic product!!

    Review by Todd

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