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Catchmaster 48R Glue Board has a reputation as one of the best glue boards on the market with its strong adhesive. Catchmaster glue boards are handy to use in situations where poison baits or dangerous snap traps are forbidden. These glue boards will catch mice, rats, small snakes, insects such as spiders, roaches, etc.

These glue boards are cherry scented and non-toxic. Popular use places are homes, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and other sensitive areas.


Pro Tips

Place the Catchmaster 48 R parallel in runways and edges along the infested area between its nest and food supply. Place two to six along the runway depending on space's size. When placing in attics for Flying Squirrels, Rats, and Mice, use Hercules Putty or a screw to attach and secure to the floor. These methods will hold down the trap so rodents can't flip over and get leverage to escape.

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  1. excellent product for its purpose / with some concerns
    this product works well but should not be used around pets or children, I secure it with one nail into a wood floor so the animal will have a struggle if it only gets partially trapped in the glue.
    (if the animal can drag it away, it will do so)

    Review by jackson hole

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