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Carpenter Bee Kit - Pro

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "During the brief period of activity (4 to 8 weeks) you might have to treat with the concentrate multiple times. If you click on the area where it says more carpenter bee info you will understand the process more. Or feel free to call us. Also bear in mind that with this kit you will have enough product for several years. You will also be able to use the products in this kit for other insect control as well."

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Carpenter Bee Kit - Pro
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it works
had infestation for years finally gave in and purchased this, they were all gone in less than 2 weeks have not returned. works perfectly.
Review by KS / (Posted on 7/24/2019)
It really works!
I sprayed ur garage this spring and I have yet to see a carpenter bee bore a hole. I am totally shocked and excited about how it worked. The bees are buzzing around, but not boring into the garage.
Review by tn grandmama / (Posted on 4/11/2019)
Bees Gone in Minutes!
Had 3 bee hole entrances under my nice cedar mantel on my covered outdoor fireplace and 2 entrances on some wood shutters. Started with the Tempo dust in the bulb, followed the instructions including protection; make sure you have a mask, glasses and long rubber gloves, it is a fine dust and you don’t want to breath it! I dusted the crap out of the holes using the flexible tube; that was mandatory in my case, the bee channels must have been 1-3 feet long an in two different directions, critical to puff it deep down the tunnels. Stood back and immediately started hearing buzzing inside the mantel and out came the bees, staggering in a white dust coating, falling to the ground. 36 bees came out of my 5 foot wide mantel, I couldn’t believe how many were in there! They just dropped on the ground withering. I graciously put them out of their misery with a gentle crunch of my foot; very satisfying since they were trying to destroy my mantle. 5 more out of the shutters; found several more the next day on the ground. Sprayed all surfaces the next day with the Cyzmic, no activity for several days. Then I saw one bee return, hovered around but wouldn’t even land; left after about 5 minutes, Haven’t seen another bee once. This stuff is fantastic! My exterminator sprayed earlier and said his treatment would take care of them, but it did nothing. This is the price of one treatment and solved it immediately. Highly recommend it!
Review by Rob / (Posted on 7/23/2018)
Got rid of carpenter bees in one application
Worked like a charm! Extremely satisfied!
Review by Danmag / (Posted on 7/2/2018)
Product is incredible!
I was worried carpenter bees would destroy our house. An infestation is a nice way of saying we had a lot of them. I was skeptical whether the product would actually work as I continued to hear that there was no way to get rid of the bees. I sprayed everything on a Friday and the bees were totally gone by Sunday. They still have not returned. This product is incredible!
Review by CBees / (Posted on 5/21/2018)
excellent product and less expensive than repairing their damage.
After years of steadily increasing numbers of bees on the south and eastside of our home, they seem to be gone. Product easy to use. Thanks
Review by John / (Posted on 5/14/2018)
Very Effective Combination
In mid-March, before any carpenter bee activity had started, I treated a shed that was heavily infested in 2017. I sprayed all wood with the Cyzmic spray and dusted all tunnels. Within 2 hours I counted 10 dead or dying carpenter bees on the ground (hibernating in tunnels?). About a week later, we had a very warm day and the bees started their Spring activities. I noticed another 8-10 bees dying on the ground. It has since turned cold again so I haven't had a chance to see how it works through the Spring but so far I am very happy with this purchase.
Review by Wes / (Posted on 3/26/2018)
Amazing stuff!
Sprayed the dust in existing holes (getting warm here in AL and they are coming out in swarms). I now call the area they nested in the killing fields. within 5 minutes had at least 50 carpenter bees on the ground. Also sprayed in eves of the house where I had significant red wasps and again within 5-10 minutes there was not a wasp to be found.
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 3/19/2018)
Works like a champ
I only wish I would have found this product 2 years ago! Killed 4 in the first 24 hours. I'm sure I've spent 3x what his kit cost just on aerosol sprays alone.
Review by Lisa P / (Posted on 6/1/2017)
Worked as expected
I was dealing with carpenter bee infestation. On any sunny warm day, I would see 40-50 of them flying and chasing each other. After single treatment (spray then dusting in the holes) all the bees have simply disappeared. I have not seen any dead bees on the ground but I have not seen any alive bee either.
Review by AW / (Posted on 5/25/2017)

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