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Bonide Repels All Animal Repellent Granules

Bonide Repels All Animal Repellent Granules
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Prop65 California Proposition 65 WARNING

Repels All Animal Repellent Granules 3 bs

Repels All Animal Repellent Granules - 3 lbs (#2361)

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Repels All Animal Repellent Granules 3 bs

Repels All Animal Repellent Granules - 6 lbs (#2362)

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Clean yard
Excellent product, had a possum problem and this was the best product to make them nest outside our yard. Even cat poop disappeared!!!
Review by Archuy / (Posted on 5/5/2020)
Good stuff
It doesn’t mention fowl on the label but it does an an excellent job of repelling ducks and geese. It kept the area clear for several months. I put it down in July and needed the reapply inJanuary .
Review by Mot / (Posted on 1/27/2020)
Excellent product
I used Repels-All in my garden and it works great. I also used it on a lawn that was being devastated by geese and ducks and they absolutely left the area and haven’t returned for several months. Ducks and geese are not mentioned on the bag but it works excellent for them. I found that I needed to wear a dust mask while spreading Repells-All or my nose ran the whole time that I was spreading it. Once it was down, I had no more problems.
Review by Tom / (Posted on 10/8/2019)
Excellent results for me
We have a berry patch that gets savaged by bunnies and deer. With a border of this several inches in length all around the patch, we’ve seen excellent results. I’ve been picking raspberries for weeks and our ripening blueberry crop has gone untouched. I’m delighted with how well it works without any harm to animals or environment.
Review by Joey / (Posted on 7/3/2019)
It seems to keep the squirrels away
I think it's working. I spread it all around and under my RV. I've seen very few pesky squirrels. The stuff definitely stinks.
Review by Spacecoast Walt / (Posted on 5/14/2018)
it is not strong enough
I purchase this product with hope it will scare off the deers in my neighborhood but it did not do it job at all.
I sprinkle it more than it should be on all of my flower beds around the house a week before but yesterday morning almost all of my flowers are ate up by deer!!

Very disappointed, really.
Review by cnj_guy / (Posted on 8/7/2017)
I have used it 3 times (as directed) and even tried adding more and spreading further. Used on my Olive trees to hopefully prevent them from being eaten (too soon to tell with them) and used to deter squirrels. They seem to love the product. Used to deter a stray dog that took up residence on a spot in our yard and did not phase him either! I wonder if these people selling their product test their product and also wonder if they do not mind throwing their $$ away? I know I don't and will not waste anymore time or $$ on the product!

******** DIY Response********

I'm sorry you had such bad results, but the product still has a manufacturer's warranty. The instructions for refund are on the back of the product container. Thank you!
Review by TJ / (Posted on 1/12/2017)
Does not work for chipmunks
I used this product in attempt to encourage chipmunks to burrow in a place other then the middle of my yard. After 5 applications (spreading in area and pouring into hole) the rodents would brush the Repels All aside and continue their work.
Review by swifty / (Posted on 8/3/2016)
Didn't work with city squirrels
I've been trying to get the squirrels to stop digging up my bulbs, and now other plants. I've soaked the dirt with the granules, put them in the holes they dig, and next day they are back at it. This has no effect on new york city squirrels.
Review by Jen / (Posted on 6/6/2016)
Don't buy this product.
I bought this to keep animals away from my garden. Well I was very disappointed. It did not work.
Review by Deb / (Posted on 5/23/2016)

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