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Carpenter Bee Trap

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Sometimes to get the carpenter bees really interested in going there we like to swat a bee down and with gloves smear the bee near the hole. Bees like to be where bees have been."

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Carpenter Bee Trap
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Excellent! Works exactly as described!
Works exactly as described! What satisfaction to see the carpenter bees get trapped and finally out of your life one x one!
Review by M / (Posted on 7/11/2020)
Bought my first traps 2 years ago put 2 each on 2 decks, each maybe 150 ft2. First month or two, nothing was trapped, but just when I was about to give up I found about 15 in one trap! I have had no bee holes drilled in either of my decks in 2 years but caught a lot of bees. The jars on the first traps I bought came loose after 2 years so I just bought the ones with the new design. My old termite inspector told me, among other untruths, they don't work. He was constantly trying to sell me treatments I didn't need and was disappointed to lose the $200+ he charged to spray chemicals on my deck after damage was done. I now have a new more honest termite inspector and pest expert who knows that these traps work and doesn't sell me expensive chemicals I don't need.Thank you for making and selling this product!
Review by JK / (Posted on 7/9/2020)
Get Rid of Carpenter Bees Forever
Worked like a charm. We had so many bees at the beginning of the season, put out 2 traps and now we have no problem. Wish that I would have gotten the traps sooner.
Review by Lynn / (Posted on 7/6/2020)
Works as advertised
All bees gone within 2 days of installation
Review by Don / (Posted on 7/6/2020)
Takes time but works great!
After I put it out, few days nothing was happening. Then I noticed 2 regular wasps inside. And nothing again. I stopped watching. Yesterday I noticed one dead carpenter bee inside. Today there were two additional carpenter bees trying to get out and fighting. Finally is quiet on the porch - victory! I am happy, and I even made short video of those two bees hoping I could post it. Thank you for great product!
Review by ME / (Posted on 7/5/2020)
Works Awesome
Best Bee Trap ever We highly recommend this product to anyone
Review by Aunt Fay / (Posted on 7/5/2020)
Highly recommend
We have 2 of these wood bee traps and they work awesome it not only catches wood bees it also traps wasps. We would Highly recommend this product to everyone.
Review by Aunt Fay / (Posted on 7/5/2020)
The carpenter bee trap worked, caught about 6 of the bees. I sprayed the area and got the rest, combined my bee problem was taken care of.
Review by hansmon / (Posted on 7/3/2020)
AMAZING! Must buy.
I bought this 4/28/19. Last year, carpenter bees were everywhere and leaving holes in the wood everywhere. I bought this and hung it up. It’s caught literally 20 bees. Amazing.
Review by Calli / (Posted on 6/28/2020)
Love it
Works great! Bought one for me and for my sister and she said best thing to stop them
Review by Paula / (Posted on 6/15/2020)

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