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Outbreak Defender

Outbreak Defender
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Prop65 California Proposition 65 WARNING

Outbreak Defender

Outbreak Defender (1-16 oz bottle + 1 trigger spray)

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Outbreak Defender

Outbreak Defender (4-16 oz bottles+ 1 trigger spray)

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Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

7 Item(s)

Doesn't Work
We used this spray on fruit flies clustered on our kitchen ceiling and cabinets. All the spray did, even when sprayed directly on the flies from two feet away, was cause the flies to take flight and fly around to room. It didn't seem to have any effect at all, except for leaving a visible, sticky residue on our ceiling and cabinets. So, we still have flies AND need to wash down everything to remove the residue. Very disappointed.
Review by Rusty / (Posted on 5/19/2020)
Good, safe product
I have gotten this before because it is food grade so I don't worry about spraying it in kitchen or pet areas. My only problem was the description says it leaves no residue and it most definitely does. Oily, sticky-ish residue. But it is non-toxic so I just wipe it off the counters. It's annoying but I ordered it again so I guess I'm willing to deal with it. This last bottle had a cheapo sprayer that leaked and ran down my hand. Fortunately, I still had the old sprayer so I am using it. It looks like the one pictured but the new, cheapo one did not. Product works great for fruit flies, which I get because I shop farmers' markets.
Review by Patti / (Posted on 6/14/2019)
Great product! Safe and it works immediately.
I had a terrible infestation of fruit and or phorid flies, and this stuff WORKS! You can spray it right into a swarm of them and it drops them immediately, plus it is safe and smells great.
Review by NancyFL / (Posted on 6/1/2019)
Great stuff
Great stuff, did the job, didn’t have to be concerned about chemicals and the peppermint make my house smell yummy
Review by Rgb / (Posted on 11/19/2018)
gotta have product fo these flying insects
Absolutely effective. i am so glad i found it
Review by lynn / (Posted on 1/8/2018)
OMG This stuff is good!.If this is Ur problem get it!
Ordered with Invade BioDrain. I had an outbreak of fruit flies so severe it seemed like a Blizzard in my apartment of fruit fly like flying insects.
i went all over town buying thing to stop them and every thing i tried, killed a lot but more kept coming..First day I just walked around my apartment with outbreak defender and killed as many as i could find, about 90% first day,. Got it down by 95% the second day. I prayed BioDrain would prevent new ones If I could just kill the ones already here. It did. Fruit flies have a 10 day life cycle, after about 10 days I didn't have any. I emailed question to DIT twice and they responded within a day both times. I'm very grateful to them for that & that this corrected my flyng inect problem. Thank you.
Review by lynn / (Posted on 12/17/2017)
Save your money
Doesn't work at all. Flies have doubled since we started using this.

DIY Response: The Outbreak Defender is not a stand alone product. It is designed only to kill them as they fly. You will need to inspect for fruit fly sources. They may be coming from the drains, in that case use Invade Bio Drain.
Review by Ravi / (Posted on 7/11/2016)

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