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Mosquito Combo Kit-Small

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Unless you hit the mosquito direct with the Bifen it takes a little while to kill the mosquito. Included in this kit is Exciter that will enhance the Bifen and provide a quick knockdown. The Pivot 10 IGR is a growth regulator will stop the breeding in such a manner that makes the larva of the mosquito not to develop
Bifen IT has been the go to product for mosquito control for the last 10 years. In 2019 CSI developed a new product called Proflex Encapsulated with a combined chemistry of two insect growth regulators and lambda-cyhalothrin for superior mosquito control. It is working for up to 60-90 days vs Bifen IT at about 21 to 30 days.The reason the residual activity is so long lasting is because the formulation is micro encapsulated.

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Mosquito Combo Kit-Small
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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

3 Item(s)

Highly recommend
Awesome! Worked right away! Still working in the yard after 6 weeks.
Review by Firedog / (Posted on 9/7/2018)
Great product. Give it a try
Easy to use, great comprehensive instructions, works as advertised.
Review by Mike / (Posted on 8/14/2017)
zero skeeters
We have an acre in Hawaii with very heavy foilage throughout and get lots of rain year round. There were certain spots, guaranteed, in afternoon hours, skeeters (Ae. aegypti) would swarm our arms and legs. If we left a door open too long (just minutes), always 1 or 2 skeeters would find their way inside. Tried hose-end sprays, propane foggers, and electric zappers, with minimal effect. Would put out variety of coils and punks when guests came over, but skeeters still found their way through and found someone to bite.

Bought this combo and a backpack mister (the Solo 451). Three weeks ago misted entire acre for 1st time, with 2 3-gallon fills of mister, with liquid adjuster open to level 3 of 4, spraying bottom to top (up 20 feet sometimes) and walking kind of quick. Next day, zero skeeters. Next day, walk/stand in all the "bad spots" and zero skeeters. Walk around without shirt, at dusk, pruning plants, zero skeeters. Goes like that for 2 weeks, then I did a quick 3-gallon walk around with the combo and mister to catch any larva that may have hatched from before. Just in case. But still, zero skeeters. To this day.

We can literally leave the door wide open for an hour at dusk...zero skeeters inside. I am still amazed. Guests come over, and I don't have to worry about skeeter bites. Haven't needed to put on any spray repellent since using this combo with the mister, and we're outside at the end of every day.

My plan is once or so a month to do a quick mist, which so far takes about 3 gallons of treatment (open to 2 of 4) and maybe 20-30 minutes to fill, walk, and rinse. I wear rubber gloves in the whole process, and long pants and long sleeves, with safety glasses, when spraying. No problems. We bring the dog and cat inside during spraying, and I don't spray in the direction of our koi pond at all. No problems. Just gotta pick a not-so-windy time to spray.
Review by Gino K / (Posted on 7/17/2017)

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