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Catchmaster 100i Insect Traps/Monitors are glue boards to catch and monitor insects, important in integrated pest management (IPM) procedures and methods. These insect traps are pre-baited with food graded molasses on a sticky adhesive backing to attract insects and trap them.

Each board (7.56" long x 7.5 " wide) is perforated to make 3 traps(7.56" x 2.5" each) or simply use one large trap. Place these traps in areas where you spot or suspect insect activity; put them along walls, baseboards, behind appliances, in corners or other areas where insects may crawl.

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  1. Great Indoor Insect Traps
    These traps work very well for catching tiny insects that enter a home.
    They catch everything from gnats, spiders, silverfish to any creepy crawler that happens to come in contact with them. When they are well used, we toss them in the trash and put down a new one. We have been pleased with the overall performance of these insect traps.

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