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Mega Colony Ant Kit

Mega Colony Ant Kit
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5 Item(s)

Not getting rid of the crazy ants for good
I have applied the granular bait under every stepping stone and anywhere I found ants congregating. I applied the gel to cracks in the cement, around door frames and other various places I saw ant trails around my home. In a weeks time I have gone through 6 galions of the Domion 2L, around my home, driveway and trailing ants in the yard. I also sprayed it directly where I found colony’s. I find piles of dead ants, however it does not keep them away for very long. Two to three days at best. Ants are still living in the areas that were drenched with the spray. They are not taking the bait or gel back to the colonies for it to kill the queens. It’s concerning to me to have keep spraying insecticide into the soil around my home. I hope they find a product that works soon.
Review by Kat73 / (Posted on 7/20/2018)
The exterminator could not get rid of our ants but this stuff did. Worked great.
Review by Jim / (Posted on 8/28/2017)
Optigard Ant Bait Gel got rid of Argentine ants for good
I totally agree with the other two reviewers that Optigard Ant Bait Gel is 100% effective within hours of applying just a few drops. I tried many other ant killers on tiny Argentine ants I had in my pantry, but the ants just avoided them all. DIY Pest Control has the best identifications of what your pests are and explanations of how to get rid of them. I applied several drops of Optigard gel and the ants immediately swarmed to it. Within a couple of hours there was not an ant in sight, and they have not returned for two months. I will stick with DIY Pest Control products from now on. They WORK!
Review by DRM / (Posted on 7/18/2017)
Extremely Effective!
Although we kept spraying various ant sprays purchased at Lowes, ants have been a rapidly growing problem at our house and in our neighborhood. Recently, we had Argentine ants infest our door frame and adjacent walls. Meanwhile, we had Carpenter ants in every room.

In five days, there were no ants to be seen in our door frame, and three weeks later, we see only one or two ants in a week, and those appear almost dead. There has been a drastic drop in ants in our yard as well.

I encourage users to use an eye loop or microscope to identify the ant species, and read about those ants and how to rid yourself of them. Then, be persistent and observant. Using all three products carefully, as labelled, yields an amazing effect overall.
Review by Doug Michon / (Posted on 6/23/2017)
Unbelievable. Got rid of the colonies invading my house within hours.
This kit is amazing. Although next time I think I only need the Optigard.

I put some optigard gel on the ant trails outside the house and they immediately swarmed all over it. I check back in an hour or two and see that they've carried a lot of it away and don't care for what's left on the ground -- but if I squeeze some fresh bits for them they swarm again. I guess they don't like the dried gel as much. And when I check back a few hours later, TONS (thousands upon thousands) of ants are out of the nest, wandering around aimlessly outside. They weren't following eachother like normally -- they're just scattered about like they've lost their purpose. They don't care for any more gel and don't even try to climb on me when i stand in the middle of all that. And then later, just ant bodies all over the concrete outside. No sign of ants inside my house on their usual trails. All this happened within like 6 HOURS. I am blown away and fascinated by what happened.

I've spent so much money on those other Terro baits and they never did anything like that. In fact, the ants just pick up Terro in a disinterested way when they have time and they never die. I never saw it work. The optigard is totally worth it.

I used some Invict, and the ants carried it away, but they were mostly distracted by the tasty optigard. I guess they just happen to be in the sugary phase. The canister was messy to use -- like a seasoning shaker.

I also used the Dominion 2L to spray the thousands of ants wandering aimlessly outside after they got hit with the optigard. I wanted to make sure they don't join another colony or something I guess. Good to have. I wish this was easier to mix though -- it didn't come with a measurer.
Review by Tony / (Posted on 9/29/2016)

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