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Victor Professional Roach Pheromone Trap (M330),is a useful tool for both monitoring and controlling German cockroaches in many sectors of the industry, including food service, transportation, and residential. Designed as an integral pest management (IPM) .The pheromone lures both sexes and all stages of the German cockroach species. And the trap is attractive to nymphs. In fact, in some situations a ration of six nymphs to every adult captured is not uncommon. The trap's slippery silicone sides make it virtually impossible for cockroaches to escape.  

Packaging: singles and case
Each unit set has 2 traps
48 sets/96 traps per case

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  1. Awesome products
    My son and I bought a house last November we had been living in a apartment for 10 years we had a small bug problem while there the apartment complex said they treated right before we moved out but I don’t think they did so long story short they followed us to our new place so I found this website and read reviews on your products and I ordered did everything it said to do set the traps out and bugs went to them there are just a few left it’s like I can’t believe they are gone

    Review by Poohbear

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