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Fastrac Blox

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Fastrac Blox is an excellent choice for mice, with good acceptance of the bait . Fastrac is also labeled for rats, but we are not seeing the same acceptance as we do with mice.
Another bait, "Take Down Soft Bait" , has the same active ingredient at Fastrac, but seems more appealing to the Norway and Roof rats. Another bait that is highly appealing to rats is Contrac Blox (different active ingredient). Make sure you always use tamper-resistant rodent stations.
Fastrac Blox is a very popular for our California customers who can't purchase certain single feed rodenticides (like Contrac Blox). However, It may be helpful to pre-bait with Detex Blox Bait, since rodents sometimes shy away from the bromethalin in Fastrac Blox. I realize this increases cost but it will work better.

The Fastrac- Detex Blox Bait Kit will start them feeding on the Detex, then switch the bait to Fastrac Blox, once feeding as started.

Also, Make sure you use tier 1 type bait stations, such as Protecta Evo Ambush Bait Station. This product can really do damage and possibly kill your pets or non-targeted animals.

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Fastrac Blox
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Mouse and rat buffet...
Critters seem to like this so much more than the green blocks (won't mention name). Haven't found any dead ones yet but there are many chewed baits. I'm still finding holes dug around my yard in a Tucson so those may be ground squirrels who don't eat this bait?
Review by packratinaz / (Posted on 6/1/2020)
Product works
A few years ago, I had pest control people come out due to mice problem and they installed your bait stations and came around every 3 months and supposedly checked them. When I got a mouse in the house, I decided to order from you and got additional stations with the key, I got into the stations they provided and they were not filling them like they should have and were charging me $75 every quarter to come out. I’ve been doing using your products for 3 years now and I save money and can check them whenever I want. I recently put one in the barn but that may be an ongoing battle. For now, they have been working around my house and I’m quite satisfied. (I do have an inside cat that is a mouser and he’s my back up but he’s not been needed).
Review by Sue / (Posted on 10/1/2019)
Still using it
I've used it for several years and the mice population seems under control based on the drop off in consumption. Pack rats tried to steal the bait boxes until I staked them down.
Review by Ken / (Posted on 5/17/2019)
Groundhog infestation..one application..NO more groundhogs...nuff said
Review by david b / (Posted on 8/18/2018)
Mice Ate Through Container to Get to Bait
I live in the country. Was using the green blocks. I purchased a container of Fastrac and bait boxes a few months ago. I have seen activity since I placed the bait boxes around my house. I store the container outside in a storage shed. Mice ate through the container lid to get to the bait.

During colder weather, bait lasted about a month. With warmer weather bait is gone in one or two weeks.

I still have signs of rodent activity indoors. I see mouse droppings near baited traps but have not caught any mice for a few weeks. The mice are getting smarter.

I am about to order more Fastrac. Will also order some of the green blocks. Will place both outside in bait boxes.
Review by Bradley / (Posted on 6/24/2018)
Fastrac Bait Blox have NOT attracted mice and rodents
I have not had any success using the Fastrac Bait Blox around the exterior of my house. After carefully following all the instructions and recommendations for the placement of the product in LP Protecta Bait Stations, I have not had any rodent feeding activity on the Fastrac Blox, in spite of the fact that there is noticeable mice and rodent activity in the area of the bait placement. I have not found the Fastrac Bait Blox to be effective at attracting mice and rodents to feed on the bait.
Review by CapeCodRodents / (Posted on 10/12/2017)
Excellent product
This product has changed my life. It is very effective in ridding us of pack rats. I use them in the bait station with the rods so that the rats must eat it there. The vermin seem to prefer this over the green product.
Review by George / (Posted on 9/25/2017)
a long battle
Fastrac seems to be working ,have to replace two bloxs everyday only found one dead rat so far and used half the bucket
Review by Lee / (Posted on 9/21/2017)
Does the trick for me!!
I've used this before and have a bait station outside every side of my house. This product seems to do the trick especially for those of us that live in the country.
Review by Sue / (Posted on 8/25/2017)
Rats Under Control
We live two houses down from a lot that had extensive grading. The rats moved, invading our lot , around our home and a car that's parked outside. I was beginning to have doubts that the Fastrac Blox was working after constant baiting - refilling bait station every 2-3 days for 5-6 months. The rats loved this bait.
I can finally say the rats are gone!
Thanks Do-it-Yourself Pest Control for carrying this product and for the excellent customer service!
Review by Steve M. / (Posted on 5/13/2017)

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