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Chapin Slide Pump#6002. This slide pump style offers maximum portability and can be used in any container by dropping the weighted strainer in solution and pumping.
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This is truly a specialty sprayer. It was designed for spraying trees, but if you need to spray high up on your house with a liquid this is the sprayer for you.
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  1. excelent
    it does exactly as advertised. with little effort i was able to spray a good 20 to 25 feet.
    (The wind was a bit of a problem, so i hate to wait for a calm day, but that is not really the pump's fault)
    I give it four, not five, stars because it leaks a little. As i was using Jomax/bleach, and not pesticides, I really didn't mind my hands getting wet.

    Review by marksro

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1 Item

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