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Advion WDG

Advion WDG
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Prop65 California Proposition 65 WARNING


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1 Item(s)

Awesome product, but does leave a light residue on some surfaces.
This product works! For the first time in 5 years of living in our new house we had a run in with insects, specifically little black ants, finding their way inside to our master bathroom. We baited them with both Terro gel and Advion gel, this significantly reduced the influx, but we continued to get stragglers weeks later. So we called an exterminator who came and treated interior cracks and crevices as well as the exterior perimeter with a variety of good professional products. But a month or so later we started to get a few stragglers again. The exterminator came back out and went back to baiting again, but I was confident that wasn't going to resolve the issue. So I did my own exterior inspection to find where they were coming from and happened upon an ant super highway in the gravel below our second story deck and traveling up one of columns to the deck and likely inside some where from there; the gravel was practically alive with the little menaces in some areas. So I wanted to find good non-repellent product that worked better than the big box store sprays I typically used. I liked the Advion WDG because it seems less dangerous to humans and other creatures than some of the stronger products, but I was a little hesitant about dealing with the sprayer and mixing the Advion, etc. But the pre-measured packets made it easy. I did a full outside perimeter spray around the foundation as well as around the deck support columns and the crevices/edges around the second floor deck. The ants were totally oblivious the spray and continued to walk right through the wet/treated areas. I checked each day and found about 50% less than the day before until there were absolutely none left. I haven't seen any new activity in over month. I will probably re-treat in another couple of weeks as a precaution, but I'm highly impressed so far. The only downside is that when the product dries it leaves a sight beige/grayish residue, which you won't see on the ground, cement foundation, etc, but it was visible on the edges of the trex deck until the rain washed it away.
Review by Tough Critic / (Posted on 7/1/2019)

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