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The Pine Wood Carpenter Bee Box Trap is entirely made of pine wood. Carpenter bees are attracted to pine wood. The Carpenter bees enter the angled hole and become trapped. It has a small-cap located at the bottom that removes excess moisture in the trap and dead bees. This cap has small holes allowing the scent and sound to pass to the outside, that attracts even more carpenter bees.

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  1. It works!
    Purchased two of these traps after trying various sprays to get rid of carpenter bees on our covered back patio. Should have started with these since they worked so well.
    Put 1 trap in each corner of the covered patio and after 3 hours had caught 5 bees. We did as suggested & used gloves to smear 1 of the dead bees near the hole as that attracts more bees to the trap. We did this about once a week to continue catching them.
    After 4 weeks, no more carpenter bees!
    We are going to leave them up for a few more weeks to make sure that we have caught all that we can.
    We had originally ordered one of the other traps but got a call that it was out of stock. They recommended this trap as an alternative. Was hesitant because this didn't have any reviews. I'm glad that we didn't wait for the other trap as we had great results with this one.
    Would recommend this if you are dealing with carpenter bees and the destruction that they cause on wooden patios/decks.

    Review by Judy

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1 Item

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