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Propest Pheronet Pheromone Pantry Pest Moth Trap

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "One to two traps per room is more than enough. If you keep the traps in the refrigerator it will prolong the life of the trap."

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Propest Pheronet Pheromone Pantry Pest Moth Trap
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Works for drugstore beetles!
I always seem to get an influx of drugstore beetles (Stegobium paniceum) in the fall, perhaps when I bring in my houseplants before frost. I had one of these stored in the garage for at least a year before I used it this fall, but it still worked perfectly. I ordered more, and the new one even brought a couple individuals of a different beetle species out of hiding that I had never seen before. It takes a little while for them to start working, so don't expect to have a full trap in a hour or anything. For my particular issue I found they work best unfolded flat in the windowsill (sticky side up obviously) since drugstore beetles are attracted to light. In case anyone is wondering, they don't do anything for Asian lady beetles, not that I was expecting them to - but that's the other beetle that wants to come in the house in the fall.
Review by DancesWithCollies / (Posted on 10/8/2020)
100-Stars product
This is 100-Stars product. We get moth infestation once in a while from bird seeds and the moths are all over. They very slowly dwindle but never go away.. it's a nuisance.
With these traps, oh boy, they come flying straight to them and get stuck. In a couple days we notice a drastic decrease on the pesky fliers.
Review by AlexD / (Posted on 10/6/2020)
Very good product
I place the traps in closets. It capture moths and other type of pests
Review by Fanguide / (Posted on 7/9/2020)
Pro pest
They really work!
Another brand didn’t work!
Review by Moth trap / (Posted on 7/2/2020)
Seems to be doing the trick
Seems to be doing the trick. Took a little while to begin working, but is consistently catching bugs. Reordered and put two in the kitchen. Seeing fewer and hoping this is the answer!
Review by Cold Nose / (Posted on 4/2/2020)
It Works!!
This product does trap these pantry bugs as promised..we have used two traps in our very large kitchen and caught about 100 bugs total in maybe three weeks or so.....I am going to keep them up another couple of weeks...since occasionally I was finding a couple more flying around....but mostly now I just see dead bugs if I see any at all...

We also threw out some bags of nuts we found the bugs in (unopened bag) and cleaned the pantries with dish soap first, and then vinegar and water...

THis was our first time ever for Indian moths after decades of kitchen activities...for about $10. I think maybe we are all but rid of them...thanks to this product mostly..
Review by Ann / (Posted on 8/1/2019)
pheromone traps wrok
I set out 4 traps in my garage a month ago and all are totally full with pantry moths now. I check them every morning & night to make sure that no moths are languishing in the glue and use a small tool to swish them dead if they are.
Review by dab / (Posted on 7/23/2019)
Working 100% awesome.
Review by newpello / (Posted on 7/9/2019)
Moth Trap that work, no harmful chemicals`
As a pet bird owner, these moth traps do their job exactly as promised. I cannot use chemicals or sprays as those are risky for our birds' respiratory health.
I have been ordering these for many years and am a reoeat customer of these traps. This time, I ordered 50 traps due to the quantity price discount. My pet bird's seed often has hidden moth hitchhikers, so it's an ongoing issue. These traps keep moths in control and work within a day or two, plus for about 2-3 weeks after placement in our bird room. Love that DIY Pest Control deliveries are fast and accurate.
Review by Pet Owner / (Posted on 6/15/2019)
Excellent Product
I purchased this due to the reviews and need for some help with pantry moths. No idea what I was doing and was totally freaking out. These worked from day one. I was shocked at the amount of moths were caught that night.

I just replaced the first set with new ones and two days later I have a lot of them. Still trying to find where they are coming from. Have thrown all my stuff out and doing some heavy duty cleaning. It helps to know that these traps are working while I try to figure this all out.

Highly recommend these.
Review by coco / (Posted on 5/14/2019)

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