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Propest Pheronet Pheromone Pantry Pest Moth Trap

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "One to two traps per room is more than enough. If you keep the traps in the refrigerator it will prolong the life of the trap."

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Propest Pheronet Pheromone Pantry Pest Moth Trap
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These Work!
I use them outside near my aviary since the moths LOVE to nest and procreate in my bird's seed. These traps work great. I put it out at dusk and if I stand there and watch, one by one the moths come out and fly right to it! Very happy!
Review by Laura L / (Posted on 9/9/2014)
works well.
We put one out on the edge of our wool carpet 17 days ago and have trapped 15 moths. Only trapped one in our clothes closet area so far, where my wife has a dozen wool dress coats, but will keep trying. I had no idea that we were harboring 15 moths in our carpet! It worked very well there.
Review by Johan / (Posted on 9/3/2014)
Excellent Product
These work the best of anything I have tried. With pet birds, you always have a moth problem. But once you peel the paper off the glue you have to use it immediately.
Review by Butch / (Posted on 8/28/2014)
Great Item - Really Woks
I have used these traps for a number of years to eliminate seed moths in my garage. They hatch from stored bird seed in the heat of summer. The traps work like a charm in controlling the 'escaped' moths and keep them from getting into the house. I have found that DYI Pest Control offers the best prices and with free shipping is the best deal around. The shipment comes promptly and I have never had a problem when ordering from them.
Review by dabby / (Posted on 8/22/2014)
Worked perfectly!
This product is awesome.
Review by Ed / (Posted on 8/13/2014)
these are the best!
I have had to buy these traps over the past 2 years and they always work like a charm with the kitchen pantry moths. The pantry moths are usually in the kitchen. They rest with their wings closed and are quite small.
These traps do not work with other types (like outdoor) moths, however. I tried that too when we had an invasion! The outdoor moths that we had tend to rest with their wings spread open- looking like a jet plane or a triangular shape.
Review by sarah / (Posted on 8/10/2014)
They work
Review by Joe / (Posted on 8/5/2014)
Well worth it
I have been using these moth traps for several years. In the beginning I had moths flying everywhere and getting into any grain based food stuffs. Since I have been using them I see the occasional moth in the spring with rarer appearances throughout the summer. The truth is in the trap though. There I will see dozens of moths stuck. They work and they are inexpensive. They just aren't pretty but you can disguise them.
Review by Tom M / (Posted on 5/8/2014)
Works great
These do a great job! I've used them at home and in communal food pantry. In the communal food pantry, 1 trap took the infestation down to almost nothing (all the stick was covered with moths) and 2nd one is keeping the remainder under control. Tip: Use a staple to to close the tent and keep it in that shape.
Review by Big G / (Posted on 10/25/2013)
These traps work great.
I have two birds and problems with moths. After the first day 90% of the moths are gone.
Review by scm / (Posted on 9/30/2012)

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